Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Do Mom Miss The Political Glitz?

The next post poignantly reminds us of all mom gave up to travel West where she could live in a tiny
little apartment in da Cavidae Nation...such sacrifice! While we don't have fried butter dogs at our
Fair, Artisans Gallery reportedly DID SERVE chocolate-covered bacon at last Friday Night's Gala!
(and it weren't no veganBac'Neither!)

P.S and while one o'her bestest evah friends back there keeps threatening to send a moving
van to pack us all up and "bring us back home" we know she only doin' it cuz she already done
rescued that burnt up little terrier but exactly two weeks or four weeks or some time ago she
found a mama cat wid her FIVE widdle kittens under her porch, completely abandoned by her
neighbor, and NOBUDDY will take them, not a shelter, not a Humane Society, not a farmer,
not nobody from FOX NEWS, not a candidate, not a non-candidate (Sarah, ya, she there in
dat BUS!) nobody TAKING THOSE KITTENS OR THEY MAMMA so now she got her
doggie and six kitties and she keep on callin' us: "I'm NOT A CAT PERSON!" what she says...
to which we reply in unison: "Ya is now, Nancy, ya is NOW!"

We doesn't know why we can't line up our posts anymore, mom done mess dis up when
she had that last migraine and we can't FIX IT! mom: can't live widdout her but she can
work your last raw nerve if you's a pigula for perfection. we loves her anyway.
i might have to pee on her pillow if she don't get dis fixed cuz it makes me look stupid when my literary proZe don't line up...her pillow gettin' used to it and when she wakes up in mortification
we all six of us shake our heads as if "mom, ya did it again, but we know ya didn't mean to,
just wash it and we won't tell NOBODY!" yeah, what a kick!
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How Could Mom Have EVER Left Iowa?!

Hulu - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Corn Polled Edition: Candidate Tent Coverage

For those of you who think of us as Pacific Northwest'rs, think AGAIN!
Mom a prairie girl through and through. And she misses the Heartland
because it's the only place you can eat stuff that'll land your heart in
de-Fib faster than a fox can pounce on a mouse!

Watch what mom left to become a mountain girl.

Was it right? You decide.

P.S. She was a Hawkeye, not a Cyclone. If ya don't
get it, no worries. The ones who do get will GET IT GOOD!

I'll Have a Latte With FOUR Piggies, Please

Mom been havin' a so-so week and we wanted to surprise her so Coconut had four babies this morning and we put them in her espresso cups and when she woke up she was...well, surprised might not be the word but we can't exactly print THE WORD here, so, just imagine four baby guinea pigs on a LOT of caffeine (they had to drink it before they fit in the cups, DRrrrrr!) and...pray for mom.
(It was her lattes.)

We won't. We thought it was funny!

O.K. so it's a plan, not yet hatched, but it gonna if glassy-bone Calvin getZ ahold o'Coconut which he
nearly did when mom had to clean cages wid such a bad migraine she put them all in the same cage
cuz she that what we call a BIG OOPSIE GONNA CALL!

Calvin may be glassy-boney but still got cajones!

Peace Out,
YumYum, Spinal Fusela ExtraOrdinaire
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