Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

YUM-YUM AS A WEE LAD long ago...

i spy with my little eye
our windows full of Bright-Light Sky
no marsh, no Beaver, just deep hues
once Sun decides it's time to choose
to say Good Night, sweet guinea pigs
inside your brand new City digs
we will adjust it's true, yet still,
so hard without snow covered hill
we eat, we play, we popcorn, too
but once night falls, it's true: we're blue
we wait for our nocturnal friends
to fly and croak, for their sound sends
us all to sleep in nature's peace
now Yummy has a brand-new lease
on learning sounds not heard before
while mom lies sleeping on the floor
it's different here without the bats
and mom may need to buy us hats
but Life is Kind and God is Good
so sweet dreams, you new neighborhood!
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YouTube - Keep On The Sunny Side - June Carter Cash

YouTube - Keep On The Sunny Side - June Carter Cash


"Dear Yum-Yum,
Am I half empty or half full?
restaurant water glass
Fresno, Ca"
Dear Restaurant Water Glass,

If you sing the song "Keep On The Sunny Side" you are half full.

If you listen to Fox News Network, you are vacuously empty.
Just shake your pretty, luminous glassy booty. Customers will assume
that the "Big One" is finally hitting California. They will rush
to change the T.V. channel from FOX to a local channel to hear the earthquake news.
NOW: begin singing "The Sunny Side
of Life." The clarity of your transparent vocals will cause
a quiet hush to come over the patrons who will then join you. They shall begin
to smile as they sing along, merrily, I tell thee!
They will order more water so they can sing louder, thus filling you up again.
You will discover that you, dear restaurant water glass, are
no longer half, but completely, full!

Now, please enjoy June Carter Cash and her beautiful song and Know Thyself:
You'll remember who you are.

YumYum on the Sunny Side

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Dear Readers,

Unfortunately, we have not discovered our "city muse" yet because we were inspired creatively by the natural environment of Scudder Pond and are not exactly Inspired here, yet!

Therefore, to wit, heretofore, and forever more, we are adding a new advice column to our blog entitled "Just Ask Dr. YumYum" until we come up with a better name. We will be syndicated momentarily throughout the Universe, as Oprah's people have already called our people.

Why? you ask? What makes Dr. YumYum different from all the other Doctor Advice Shows and Columnists? you ask?

THIS: We will take soul-searching questions from all souls, animate and inanimate, as we believe the Universe is totally alive and that means even rocks suffer and even a garbage can has relationship issues when its very own lid stops fitting correctly...I mean, really, who ya gonna call:  Home Depot, Dr. Phil, or moi?!

People are not the only ones with problems. And we will be the first completely inclusive Advice Column who recognize even coke cans get big OWIES when they are SLURPED DRY, CRUSHED ON THEIR PEOPLES' FOREHEADS, tossed off as litter, AND THEN
run over by cars.


Life is hard. We are now open for business!



Maybe not.

Who cares?

What else you got going on?   So, now "Dr. YumYum is Listening"
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