Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Today YumYum and I observed that Bear seems to attract the most attention (and treats and lap-time) between the three of us and YumYum casually remarked, "That's because he's a social butterfly." YumYum didn't know what that meant, he'd just overheard mom say it about each of us at one time or other, so he blurted it out since Bear's lettuce was bigger than his!

Truth is, we know Bear is an older pig (5 years +) and has never really been loved, cared for, or appreciated and included as a member of a family.

We enjoy how much he delights in the discovery of how precious love feels when you've been neglected and smelly your whole life, and your toes grow misshapen because nobody will trim your nails, and it becomes hard to walk, and life feels dismal...alone in a cage with nothing but a glimmer of hope,
deep inside,
that you really are a beautiful guinea pig; and that maybe before you die someone will see how special you truly are.
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(NOTE FROM EDITOR: Today is Bear's first blog post.)

After all the Olympics hullaballoo, we felt the need for quietude and love. Mom's oldest friend, Susan (holding me for the first time) brought her daughter, Shaina, and Shaina's brand new sparkling baby boy, Seamus, to meet us! Mom used to babysit Shaina when she was 5 years old and they all went camping and hiked up to Cascade Pass one summer together. It was the first time mom ever saw a glacier up close and personal. And now Shaina is all grown up with a baby of her own! They live in Seattle, where mom used to live.

Susan had heard a lot about me but we had never met. I think we are in love. I match her hair. And she knew all the right places to pet me and make me purrrrrr.....she chucked my chin and petted my jolly jowls and they wiggled back and forth and I was so happy I popcorned right in her embrace! I love Susan and Shaina and Seamus and hope they come back soon. Mom was blissed out to have her favorite girls (and Seamus) here at one time; she just couldn't stop beaming!

It seems like our family just keeps growing and PandaPig and YumYum got treats while we all received compliments on how handsome we are and how much YumYum has grown. We love it when mom's friends visit us, especially after mom hasn't been feeling well for awhile and she got to hold Seamus which cured everything, especially when she smelled his baby head.

It was a perfect day. We were sad Edwin had to go back home to Seattle but Chai, the Bengal Cat and Sami, Chai's gorgeous Tortie Girlfriend missed him and now they are all together again, too.

So, today was girly day. Epic Love. Girly style: PURELY EPIC!
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Forget Eddie the Eagle, there's a wild lynx here on the Olympic downhill course... | Mail Online
We are so proud of this guy for competing with the human Olympians on what has come to be known as one of the most dangerous downhill courses in the world. (We have emailed him to steer clear of the luge track.)
People think they're the only ones who can play in the snow and compete, well, think AGAIN, YOU PEOPLE!
Go, cat, go!

Guinea Pig Connection

Guinea Pig Connection
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