Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Today's Random Act of Kindness

Dear Friends Broiling around the country,

We will stop complaining about our wintry weather here and tell you a happy story to cheer you all up.
Mom has been in "Exploding Head" mode but happier with Calvin next to her bed. But today, she just
had to GET OUT! Because there was a bright thing in the sky and it wasn't a plane, train, rocket, missile,
cloud, Boeing 777, Blue Angel, or a latte, it was the S.U.N. and although it was intermittent, it WAS!
It still IS! So, mom headed out with her headache and sun hat straight to the Post Office where, as is
beginning to happen more and more, a car nearly squashed her in the crosswalk, seems like it happens
every week now, but the Peace Rally people who Rally for Peace on that corner every Friday got unpeaceful
and yelled at the driver who decided not to squash mom in front of so many angry peaceful people. That done,
she walked about a little before dragging the FatHead back home again and saw two happy ladies holding hands
on the sidewalk which made her think of love. They all smiled and said hello, then one of the ladies came back and
asked mom if she would like a random act of kindness! Mom thought not getting run over was pretty cool, but felt
that more would be even cooler, so she said yes and that lady gave mom the biggest, bestest hug! And then Mom was
happy and the lady was happy and they were all happy so mom went to the ice cream place where her friend, Patrick,
was playing a George Harrison song with his guitar on the sidewalk (Railroad Street, of course, for those of you who
have seen "Bellingham State of Mind" on YouTube) and found out they had eggless ice cream! So she got a kidZ scoop
but Patrick had to go so she talked to all the other people and felt much better. Happy, even. Then came home and now
having to hole up with ice packs isn't quite as bad (although missing Molly Movie Night is) and Calvin gonna snuggle with
her too because she had one random act of kindness and all of us are up to snuggling Random Acts of Kindness any time
mom wants, all she has to do is ask! (and include treats.) So, the sun came up, she didn't get squashed two weeks in a row, she got a fabulatious HUG, chocolate coconut ice cream kids' scoop with no eggs, and even got to hear Patrick play for a few minutes. Now we go back to bed a happier, more content Migraine Nation, with guinea pig love INCOMING!
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