Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Pedicure, you say? Methinks NOT!

You made an appointment with the vet just for me, ma? WEll, that's mighty thoughtful of you: now UN-MAKE IT!
Thank you,
{Peter-Peanut is in a Pickle: he is allergic to hay! And has chewed himself so much he's taken to behaving badly towards all his friends, chattering his teeth at them, lunging, not wanting to be picked up and held anymore...and he HAS TO HAVE HAY ALWAYS AVAILABLE...SO THIS IS GOING TO GET INTERESTING. Not to mention his first nail-trim as a man-pig. And by man-pig, please do not assume his man-parts have stopped growing, au contraire, it looks like one of their food manufacturers has slipped in some Steroid Growth Hormones...things are beginning to look an awful like a Bowling Alley from the back door...UGH.}
Vet on Thursday: Let us Pray (for her.)
Thank you. 
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TODAY for the first time in weeks
I was able to get out and "walker"
about town. Many people don't think
twice about waking up alive each day,
being able to walk, having a home,
healthy loved ones, (i.e. naturally, for
us this includes guinea pigs!) and so
many of us take so much for granted.
The most recent bout of illness here 
brought me to my knees: physically,
emotionally, and spiritually because it
became undeniably obvious that to live 
"independently" at home with the piggies will require in-home healthcare support and 
- far harder to accept - that transitioning from the hospital to home may, at times, require brief stays in a convalescent facility receiving physical therapy and learning to walk again before coming home...
I did a whole mess'o'cryin' this round, lemme confess. LOTS OF CRYING. These past weeks there were times when it was definitely was not safe to be here alone. I wouldn't/couldn't board the piggies nor trust myself to any kind of "facility."
 Often, though, I felt afraid and alone.

Oh so many dear ones sent love, comfort, laughter, and all "the right stuff!"
From the U.K. and Bavaria 
to India and the U.S.A :
Good vibes, phone calls, emails, prayers, unexpected packages really too beautiful to
open, OH BABY, friends, you rocked the house!

~*~ Perhaps independence includes the wisdom to know when to ask for help and a willingness to accept it graciously with humility and gratitude? 

 One ought know when to surrender. 
Fighting, I lost.

Today, I allowed:
And It Was GOOD.
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