Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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Hi and thanks for letting me post a message on your blog. I am Sami, (named after the Saami of Northern Finland) a rescue who didn't get off to a very good start in life.

That is, until mom and dad adopted me, but nobody warned me about that Bengal cat: HOLY MOTHER OF ?!@#!
*** WHAT A *!?@#*!

Yeah, O.K. guess I have grown accustomed to his face and maybe I licked his itchy places for him while he had to wear that utterly ridiculous plastic collar that made him look more like a NASA radio telescope from the SETI array than a cat...we endure what we must. And so what if I'm the one who scratched his eye and sent him to the vet where they strapped the thing on?
Sometimes things get on my pretty little nerves and Chai just happened to be there at the time so I went after him...unpredictable events occur around divas like me. Get used to it already!

Actually, I am a soft, sweet, affectionate, loving girl who enjoys purring on Edwin once he has fallen asleep and I can tuck myself into his armpit. Chai gets the other armpit and if Edwin so much as turns one quarter of an inch during the night we both make such loud, disapproving feline sounds he forces himself to remain still, even if he has to go to the bathroom. It's funny. Chai and I always get a good laugh about that in the morning!

So, word on the street is you pigs will be kitten-sitten and we all wish you luck from down south in Seattle.

She sounds like a nice kitten getting a new start at life and love from an early age, which means she could turn out really great.

Good night and good luck!


Sami, the long-haired stunningly gorgeous Tortoiseshell diva who possesses Chai's heart and like to pounce on his pride!
(It's a girl thing.)
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Dear Readers,
On the eve before we kitten-sit Fluffy, we wanted to pause to shout out our love for Chai, the true and orignal King of PandaPigSanctuary!

Mom got too sick to walk him so Dad (Edwin) brought him down to Seattle where he is quite happy running throughout Edwin's security apartment building, indoors, without his harness and leash, speeding down long hallways like a wild cheetah across the African savannah!

Last week, his true love, Sami, tried to scratch his eyes out, (who said relationships are easy?) but yesterday his follow-up check-up at the vet went so well they took off his Elizabethan collar so he could resume playing a kitty soccer game Dad bought him. He wants "The Bengals" to win the World Cup natually, and cares not a whit that they are an American football team, not an international soccer (football) team.
He's a cat, why get particular?

So, Fluffy, when you arrive tomorrow for your kitten-sitten, just be aware that you will be stepping into Chai's indelibly printed pawprints, which leave room for you to make your own mark, since Chai is such a loving, generous soul. (hmmm...and yet Sami tried to scratch his eyes out...well, she's a long-haired Tortie, they can get uppity sometimes.)

Fluffy, meet Chai. I like to think I, YumYum, am King of the World. But, let's face it, the honor goes to Chai, our wild and crazy Bengal  who lived at the condo for ten years and raised Panda like he was Chai's own kitten when the Sanctuary began.

One pig at a time. Plus Chai, the Lion King!

Who knows, maybe Fluffy knows Kung Fu and we can all play "Shaolin Temple" together!

Sweet dreams, friends, feline, cavidae, and homo-sapien: Peace begins with us.

love, YumYum the Mighty
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Dear Precious Friends,

Although we have only seen the sun in a warm way perhaps twice this year, the summer Solstice is nearly upon us and we mustn't let it pass uncelebrated!

We all talked it over (but not with Fluffy the kitten because she doesn't move in until tomorrow for two and a half weeks) but we feel she will support our decision to send mom to the Community Boating Center's "Adaptive and Beginning Paddling Workshop" at Bloedel-Donovan Park, across the street from where we used to live. (sniff, sniff, no we don't miss it at all, sniff)

Mom needs to GET OUT! She lets us out, and now it's our turn to return the favor. She used to enjoy kayaking and canoeing...but putting the Permanently Handicapped License PLATES on the car this week was a bummer, what else can we say? She put it off for thirty years then threw in the towel. Or, she matured spiritually to the point of acceptance. Whichever or isn't linear in OUR house, that's for sure!

Mom still doesn't view herself as handicapped and neither do we. So, we invite each and every one of you dear friends to think of living your dream on the Solstice in defiance of the 10-11 months of winter we've been "enjoying" up here in the Pacific Northwest:

Do something that you are afraid to do! Or have always WANTED to do but made excuses not to: Just try to be OUT OF DOORS! Unless there is a blizzard, windstorm, avalanche, ice-pellet-hail deluge, earthquake, tsunami, or Volcanic eruption. BE Safe! We want you to be here when Fluffy arrives!

YumYumChan, defiant deviant KungFuPiglet, KING OF THE WORLD!
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