Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, June 6, 2011


See, this is the thing...sure I get a big space and lots of toys and my very own owlie rug for runarounds, but lil Calvin got mom wrapped around all the parts of him that didn't get neutered! Check it out: he has a big, fluffy, soft, cat bed but - hey - not only that, it comes with a plush Indian blanket for him to cuddle and fall asleep beneath while mom pets him, cooing sweet nothings while he fusses for more petting, more love, more stories about how he is really Calvin the large...well, ENOUGH ALREADY!

CALL ME AN OUTLAW! Watch me not care! Cuz i gotta plan, see, a good plan, gonna hop over this pathetic fence mom thinks is gonna keep me in my play/runaround area and i gonna SURPRISE Calvin the small with a friendly little visit! One that may end up having mom return to the hand surgeon, ya, sue me! The one whose staff kept asking mom, "Now WHAT bit you, a cat, dog, wolf? What?" because her hand was infected with red streaks past her elbow and my teeth actually went through tendons and ligaments and if we weren't vegan, imagine the possibilities! Yeah, gonna hop this fence and get this partay started! S.E.A.L. Team YumYum: INCOMING!
mu-Ah-ha-Ha! Mu-Ah-HA-HAAAAAAAAA!
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Things Your Guinea Pigs Want You To Know

Things Your Guinea Pigs Want You To Know

We wanted to share this information for those of you
wondering why we are the way we are making mom
be the way she is. Because she is our slave and no
amount of denial will convince otherwise. Humans
think they know stuff. They get a guinea pig. Then
they find out they really need two guinea pigs for
one guinea pig to be truly happy. Then those two
guinea pigs conspire to overthrow the human
government by enlarging their armed forces!

Then the human tries to neuter us to disarm us
but all we do is continue drafting new orphans
"too cute to resist" and after enough neutering,
we became a "don't ask, don't tell" Force openly
enlisting female cavies to strengthen our cause.

When we still felt we could do more to overcome
our human's habits and train her to cater to our
every whim, we finally brought in the "big gun"
Calvin, the small, our first un-neutered male!

Mom pulled out her white flag and surrendered!

BOO-YA! We have discovered strength in diversity
and want to share our little secret with any species
whose person or people still have a life of their own:
NOBODY AND NOTHING ELSE can distract them...
oh, sure, last summer there were these barn owls
ya, but we not only watched them with mom, two
of us learned how to mimic Molly the Owl and,
although it can happen that occasionally one will
enjoy the companionship of a female cavy capable of
mimicking bird sounds, Taj Mahal is male! And we
forgot who else did it. So, Molly and McGee was an
experience shared by all. Otherwise, mom don't get
none...we advocates not through legislation, phooey!
We are not democratic, we are Czars, Kings, Queens,
Royalty. If you know THAT, you know EVERYTHING

Peace Out,