Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ingrid has a guinea pig and bunny rescue in
Bavaria, Germany and sports star tattoos on her cheek,  inspiring us with her beautiful blue eyes, kindness, warmth, compassion, and Love for all Creatures Large and Small.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Ingrid,
And thank you, Fairy, for introducing 

us to Ingrid and her meeri piggies!
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Mom discovered the expression
"Shelter-in-Place" from one of
her best friends in Seattle who 
works in an inner city school...
Every time something bad happens,
they have a "lock-down" and then
"Shelter-in-Place" until the gun-totin'
outlaw is found. They always get scared
that he is inside the school and they
may be locking themselves IN 
WITH HIM, but so far have been
lucky. (And this is grades 6-9, young
kids who are frightened easily.)

While mom languishes in bed
with her stupis migraine, we are 
Sheltering-In-Place because everytime
we go on Runabout she gets confused 
about who can Runabout with whom
(don't even ask!) without fighting,
so now she is in lockdown with 
yoghurt & granola, popcorn(?!), 
ginger ale, and a 3-day-old muffin
that is so healthy she can't stand the 
taste and thinks that as the days go
by the taste will improve.

Why all this, you ask? No reason,
other than to show you that when we
piggies "Shelter-in-Place" we got STYLE! 
Wee Squirrel is asleep and I am 
about to LEAP atop my box to watch 
and hold court with all the other piggies!
We have the best set up in the place
but with so much time to stare at us,
I know mom is re-decorating our
arrangement so every piggie gets
more space...and Yum-Yum is still
doing better! Yeah! We know that
Squirrel is the reason why, but getting
lap & snuggle (with Baytril antibiotics 
slipped in) at breakfast and bedtime isn't hurting, 
either. In fact, we all voted and it's unaniMouse: 
mom is spoiling Yum-Yum. We told her
so now we are all figuring out an extravagant
habitat configuration that would allow
us to all be closer to her bed so we can
all Snack&Snuggle her to sleep.
(hey, it's about comforting mom, not
getting bedtime treats! stop thinking that!)

Going through withdrawal from 
medications is hard and we know she
is in pain because of how dramatic she 
becomes after even a week of each
lowered dose. Still, more time with us!
And we only get better and better
homes because decorating ours is

Sheltering-In-Place. We get scared when
Susan tells mom they or her son's school or
the neighborhood they live in has to do that.
It's one reason we like Bellingham better
than Seattle. 

Now I'm just prattling on, but wanted to
add we just got another new box with
extra polarfleece squares on top so I'll 
return to my DeLuxe Penthouse now!

Just an update from the friendliest,
coziest Shelter-In-Place: We invite you 
all to come and visit! Popcorn is free.
We love popcorning and charge no
hidden fees for your enjoyment.

Your Favorite Guinea Pig:
Peter Peanut, is havin' fun!

{what's that Yum-Yum, a neuter coming? 
I have absolutely No Idea
what you are talking about! Ya 
just wanted to be included in this
blog post, so go back to munching
something and let me prattle on 
mindlessly to my adoring fans}...
Neuter...what that even mean?
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