Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dear Readers,

Before you knew me very well, I had a secret that mom and PandaPig kept, which I am now ready to reveal: I, YumYum,
was Born to Whirl and am actually a DervishPig! That is correct, readers. This is a picture that mom took when I was
still a wee little Whirler, astonishing Panda and Mom with my WillingnessToWhirl...they could hardly believe their eyes
and, as you can see here, WELL, you CANNOT see here! BECAUSE I whirl so fast!

Now that mom is reading a novel about Rumi called The Forty Rules of Love and has begun listening to Sufi music,
I have spontaneously begun whirling again, and the whorls in my fur whirl in the opposite direction, which makes me
so extraordinary mom wants a Hollywood movie camera with which to film a documentary called: "Whorling Dervish"
all about ME!

How much do they cost?

Who cares? If Amazon has them, we've found a way to get one...oops, as you'll see in my next post, which you did not read

Since Raj and Taj both have illustrious names with Mahal added to each one, I am contemplating the opposite, attaching
a new FIRST name to myself: maybe like, oh, RumiYumYum or something...just a thought...I loves to Think almost as much
as I loves to Whirl but I don't loves anything more than I loves to Runabout, Eatabout, then Pee-and-PoopAbout and mom is
now resetting our space in a circle so we can do all that while Whirling too! Which means, we can scatter our "gifts" to the winds! (and mom can vacuum them up afterwards.)

RumiYumYum, Raj Mahal, Taj Mahal
or "The Pigolettos" (mom says her fingers don't work enough for those names...EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)
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BLOG « Molly's Box

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Dear Readers,

Wesley is now alone by herself (the only "she" of the four, it turns out) and any night now may be the one where she flies away...and does not return.

Mom got off TWITTER completely and is trying to minimize "empty nest syndrome" tonight by buying a big roll of paper towels with which she will completely clean BOTH our cages! We's a FULL NEST! SHE GOT US!

She also taught the apartment repair man how to feed us carrots when he came for the first time to fix the windows and thought we were wabbits! She issued the high-pitched squeal she learned from Taj, the first soprano guinea pig we know of, and we all came out WHHHHEEEEkING! to the delight of the repairman,
who enjoyed feeding us slices of carrot through the bars of our, frankly, we feel it's time for the
owlie to fly away and for mom to fly back to spending more time with us!

The big news is we discovered that we love Sufi music and purr when we hear it so mom ordered us some
on Amazon the other night, a discovery SHE made the next morning when checking her emails and reading the ones from Amazon thanking her for the order that she apparently made under the influence of migraine medication while listening to the music on Pandora Radio, where you just press one button to BUY what you are listening to! Thanks, mom. We can't wait to start whirling and become Dervish Pigs!

Mom stopped listening to Pandora Radio when she is sleepy or has taken anything for pain. But, at least we get to keep the Sufi music! We are little dervishes, and we find it suits us to whirl and twirl and wheek and squeak ourselves and mom into a deep level of inner peace. OR NOT, WHO CARES, WE'RE GUINEA PIGS!




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