Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Sleep of Innocence

Mom and Raj are both asleep. Only Raj has his own double-cuddle-cup-tunnel while mom has...less. But at least she sleeps with her eyes closed!
He wore himself out. Taj has launched an exhaustive INVESTIGATIVE REPORT into  "HOW GOOD PIGS GO BAD!"

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Taj's Tragic Tale

This is the story of how I was banished by my very own brother from my very own Holiday Hut and how much he takes after YumYum, the delusional Pirate of Love and Ill Repute! I will accept organic romaine lettuce embellished with bright red, yellow, and orange bell peppers stuffed with carrot tops and pomegranate seeds. As compensation for my suffering.

Thank you very much...

One day there was a Magic Slipper worn by a beautiful princess...(O.K. it belonged to mom, but I ain't got that much to work with here...) Besides she reads these posts and there really is one fine-looking pomegranate just waiting -
But, I digress.

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Super Slipper Supper!

Hmmm, this has possibilities...especially since it is attached and I wouldn't have to toss it...hmmm.

Raj, up to no good again? Whaddya doing with mom's slipper?

Taj, it's a "toss up" (hee-hee: "toss-up!) between the mini-hay-bale and the slipper...whaddya think? that does look like some EPIC CHEWY FUN!

Then we are AGREED! SLIPPER IT SHALL BE! Mom won't even notice...

Taj, you should have joined me! My first Slipper-Supper and I had to eat all were worried about mom, weren't you? Just for that, you coward, I will take my place in the Holiday Hut seein' how you have already warmed it up for me and I know you won't mind.
And you know I won't mind even if you do mind. all I need is a spot of chamomile tea, one carrot crumpet, and a cucumber sandwich without the bread!
Life is good when you are Raj Mahal!
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MMMmmm, nom-nom-nom!

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