Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Mom checks on us a lot to make sure we are not overheating, although we are actually pretty comfortable...
i got a new straw mat to hang out on and watch the Mahals just spread their fat selves out in the hay and pretend to be beautiful. But i have become pretty good buddes with Raj throught the bars of our adjacent cages and am putting up with them a lot better, mom says, and she is proud of me. They have grown big and burly and chase each other and play so much it's like having "Animal Planet" on 24/7, but - like mom and Molly's Owl Box -  i'm kind of liking had wicked bad migraine today, yet had to keep the windows OPEN
for the breeze while there was a LOUD carpet cleaning cleaning truck just under us, LOUDER construction on the second phase of our apartment complex, AND, the Harley-Davidsons were revving their engines and ROARING FULL SPEED by all day! This WHILST next door to the Harley place is a music store where they (now that we have to keep our windows open) suddenly have an influx of kids determined to learn to play drums as LOUDLY as humanly - though not humanely - possible!
How mom sleeps, nobody knows! must be those new Chinese herbs...i like hanging out with the Mahals while we talk about being "cool pigs in the summertime" before mom wakes up, wanders about like a zombie, makes sure we're good and comfortabale, fed and watered, then tumbles back into her bed full of LOUD CITY NOISE, windows remaining wide open due to our heat wave.  Earplugs no longer work, so she smothers herself with ice packs and listens
to soothing CD's with earbuds, before falling back asleep in pain. Or oblivious, which we prefer, for her sake.

Yesterday we all realized how much we actually do miss Fluffy and mom grieved all day. Which probably
led to the headache, sleep, and utter ZOMBIEFICATION: MOMMY-ZOMBIE! Wanders about wondering why...then finds the bed again and tumbles back into it! Is it wrong to laugh at her?

HOWEVER: Acupuncture and Tai Chi are helping her balance so much there is a chance she may learn to walk again  and we are  excited about that! Since we love to run about and popcorn,  once she learns to walk, we are agreed she will also learn to popcorn with us! She will hop up and down like the jumping
dance her Maasai friend showed her. It's all  hot, sunny, and GOOD. 

SO: Stay cool, my friends: JUST be like YumYum: "way cool, all the time! no exeptions!"
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Egg #2 Has Arrived « Molly's Box

Egg #2 Has Arrived « Molly's Box: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Hi Y'all,

How is everybody enjoying the SUDDEN EMERGENCE OF SUMMER?!

We piggies are surviving the heat quite well, mom was sick in bed and slept ALL DAY except to feed us and make sure our water bottles were full (but we played and played together in our pen last night, so we were tired, too)
AND Molly laid her 2nd egg!

What's an egg?