Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Dear Readers, this is one well-stocked fridge. The upper-top green bottle flanked by yoghurt is actually ginger ale,
not beer. All that fresh produce on the bottom?
For guess who?! WHEEK! Us, of course! Mom has to slice our blueberries and grapes in half for us, though. And she isn't using a knife anymore
so we're going in for the watermelon and greens.

Unfortunately, we had a severe heat wave recently and our brand new fridge got its FREAK ON and froze everything! We love our new home...Never a dull moment in the City of Belling'Hamsters when you are a guinea pig!

Update on mom: not recovering well, and we face possible relocation to Seattle for more comprehensive Neurological Care.
Just thought we'd slip it in before we retreat back into denial. Never speak of it again, agreed?

Edwin is here being wonderful, and Molly's Owl box had us howling this morning as Carrie devoured such a big rat butt that there was not even room left in her for the tail, which hung out of her mouth like a wilted cigar for an agonizingly long time! We think it was actually a small opossum, judging from the size of it, which was bigger than she is! This was around 4:30am? What a PIG that girl is turning out to be, GEEZ!

Our lives are pretty up in the air right now, but we have all fought the good fight and if we lose our way of life, so be it.
The main thing in life is love, and we are suffused in Goodness and Love, grapes and watermelon.

We remain humbled by the MODs' saving of mom's life Friday night, an amazing story for sure, and one we want to tell Carlos and Donna one day when mom is stronger and less mortified! Thank God for the social stream Black Sheep at Molly's Owl Box! Black Sheep Rule Cyberspace and planet Earth!

Life is Beautiful, even if our fridge froze!
And, after Carrie's consummation of that fat, long-tailed rodent this morning, mom can never call US "pigs" EVER AGAIN! We're glad WE don't have tails!

Yeah, another reason that Life is Beautiful!
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