Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Forcast Calls for RAIN?!

Little owl's first rainstorm...and highs in the 60's. We love summer in the Pacific Northwest!
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Bunny Ears!

(everybody giggling: "YumYum got bunny-ears! YumYum got bunny-ears!")
Mom gigglin' too...
YumYum, we lurves ya but you still gotZ bunny-ears! You make a good bunny...
SQUEEEEEEEEE! Everybody RUN! The Bun-Bun after us now...giggle, OOPSIE!
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Calvin Discovers an ESCAPE HATCH!

It's a lot of fun runnin' around all over the place but we piggies gots to have our hidin' places, too, y'know, just in case an Andean Eagle flies by! Calvin loves his wooden box (and it looks like somebody been peein' on the top!) but recently discovered the "secret sun-roof" and isn't sure whether to look out, climb out, or just ignore it.
We'll keep you posted.
Don't wait around.
Calvin has a way of changing his mind.
But he fun, ya: we lurves our Calvin the small...and, in this case, he's the only one among us small
enough to actually climb outta HIS hole!
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This is actually a real, "undoctored" photograph of our beloved NW icon, Mt. Rainier, taken by John Meadows when turbulence from the mountain (that makes its own weather) sucked a hole in the clouds hovering above it.

We find it a beautiful, poignant reminder how small our troubles can be if we remember how beautiful life is when we least expect it!

We have not really had a "summer" per se, but have enjoyed our cool weather, being together, all us piggies love being in the bedroom with mom, and although some of us are sick and my back hurts, we are all pretty darn happy! Mom rubs prednisone cream on my ear every day for pain and gives me special attention, combing out my mohawk and telling me how handsome I is! True!

Life is Good in the GuineaHood! How about you?

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If Raj and Taj Mahal Only Behaved Like These Two

my sweet guinea pigs - YouTube'

This is a very sweet video featuring well-behaved pigs.
You will never see any of us behaving with courtesy
towards one another: we are committed 'Snatchers!
Somebody got somethin' we WANTS IT even if we
got the same thing, too. Call us Pirates, we doesn't
care, ain't no fun unless you done STOLE THE TREAT
from y'best friend!

Squeaking guinea pigs !!! - YouTube

Squeaking guinea pigs !!! - YouTube

How much they love their "scrunchies!"

POP! Goes the Guinea!

One day while most of the herd was out at once, it excited Raj Mahal to the point of POPCORNING all over the place! MacNutPie watched with interest, yet remained poised with the possibility of an impending FOOD event!
Treats Galore gets MacNutPoppin' so he's savin' it up for the carrots, lettuce,
spinach, yellow bell peppers, carrot-tops, grapes cut in half, a little watermelon wouldn't hurt, and when mom cuts sweet, fresh local blueberries in half he don't mind that, neither. Don't take much to make us piggies happy; it takes EVERYTHING! But when you see us pop, it all be worth it!

Cut our grapes in half. Cut our blueberries in half, too, while y'at it!
Cuz that how we roll, folks, that just how we roll!
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Happy Guinea pigs popcorning - YouTube

Happy Guinea pigs popcorning - YouTube

The happiest piggies "Popcorn" when they
are running about and cannot keep so much
joy confined to their tiny bodies. They literally
"POP" into the air in many different ways:
MacNutPie and YumYum "POP" like bucking
bronchos while Calvin and the others simply
become airborn, turn in mid-air, then abruptly
switch direction, popcorn again, and twirl about
before taking off again - FULL SPEED AHEAD!

The main way to keep a piggie airborne is space
to run, exercise, explore, socialize with one another,
forage for hidden treats, zip through cardboard boxes
with lots of doors cut out, and simply have enough
space, socializing, and enrichment to FLY!

Despite Calvin and YumYum both having degenerative
bone disease, they are still POPPING and everyone
stops whatever they are doing to witness the miracle
of pigs in pain, skeletons turned to glass and/or fusing,
yet capable of JOY, JOY, and more JOY!

Mom loves us so much because she says we have taught
her that being sick don't mean ya can't have lots o'fun!