Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Portrait of Brotherly Love...

Brotherly love, better known as "The Great Food Snatch Caper!" Wherein Taj takes what was unlawfully given to brother Raj; takes it because Justice must Prevail!

Or, because he's a sneaky, conniving -

"Ya, mom! Real nice."


You Betcha! Sneaky, conniving, scheming, plotting, slippery, underhanded,
conspiring, Machiavellian, underhanded, devious -

{EDITOR: "Yum-Yum?"}

What you see pictured here, dear Reader, is a loving portrait of Brotherly Love
so selfless it leaves us breathless!

"Yeah, mom?

Silence...hee-hee, mu-Ah-Ha-HAAAA!
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Raj Mahal Discovers the Most Elusive Mystery in the Pacific Northwest: the SUN!

Here I am, pretty handsome Raj Mahal, demonstrating on my elegant snout proof of a sunbeam coming through our window. Will this ever happen again? Who knows? But it happened today, on my watch, I gots me proof, we go to bed very happy piggles tonight...and dream of sweet warmth falling blissfully upon our snouts and bums while mom just looks at our toenails wondering how to get at 'em wid her clippers...ain't gonna happen, mom, not after the Calvin Toenail Debacle of 2011...
Ain't nothin' gonna ruin my sunny moment!
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