Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The "Original" Art Studio...

There was a simpler time in a simpler place
where this was all we paper.
Because most of our lives were lived outdoors
where the eagles flew over us, long branches
in talons to bolster nests battered during harsh, 
windy winters, when chickadee-dee-dees
sang at our suet feeders often covered beneath
a million soft, grey feathery titmice wings beating
as one...fragrances long forgotten wafted into open 
windows and we could inhale fresh rain rolling in from 
over the North Cascades to nourish and replenish 
New Beginnings on
the marsh where wood ducks, mallards, buffleheads,
virginia rails, beavers, muskrats, red-winged blackbirds,
and often unidentifiable avian life woke us up with
symphonies at 4 a.m. which kept us sleeping
in a day bed beneath the window for ten years
so we never missed one free concert or cologne sample
from newly sprouting wildflowers, even planted
randomly from a neighbor's deck.

This morning here in town a bald eagle flew over
our building for the first time since we have lived here!
We have our pair of "townies" and have seen a merlin
and tales of snowy owls some winters are told in
tales from times long ago but this morning his
glistening white head and tail made me drop my
jaw in awe! We are close enough to both the Bay
and salmon streams for that not to be unusual, but
they don't often come this far inland, the pair.

Now the art studio...and paperwork.
Medical. Social services. Art stuff.

But Trader Joe sells beautiful orchids for $9.99.
We have a purple one.
And an early bedtime.
We love living downtown.
Never have to drive.

And life is simpler for many other reasons.

Just not those.

Sweet dreams...

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  1. oh, that looks nice !
    what a glorious view !
    really inspiring.
    strength lies in calmness.

  2. That is indeed beautiful, serene, simple and calming :)

    A Bald Eagle - crikey!