Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Mom has been working on a rough sketch of Raven. For years, actually.

Now, her drawing hand doesn't work. She found out it wasn't just the two guinea pig bites, because it turns out other injuries were hiding in both hands, things she otherwise would have never discovered.

She may need surgery, after the move,
if we move, when we move, To wherever we move. One hand, maybe
both. Who knows? We're used to it.

The good part is how much she loves her medical team because they are all animal lovers who also rescue animals! She trusts them. And recognizes this process will take time. It may be awhile before she gets back to finishing Raven. But it's all right.  He's not flying away:  Ours is a patient Raven. And a faithful Raven. Besides, she drew friends for him to play with.

We feel a little sad watching her pack so much unfinished art.
So, we even offered to donate our Runaround Space in the new place for her exclusive use as an art studio.
Mom said wherever we move there will be plenty of room for all of us to play! Together!

We bid mom's unfinished art farewell for now, and promise that when we become hip, urban, bohemian, artPigs, we will share our creativity with all of you and invite you to share yours with us!

Raven, we will see you soon: we promise! We will finish drawing your wings so you can fly to catch Sun and bring more Light into our lives.
Good Raven. Good guinea pigs. Good night, art lovers. Good night, Creative Muse. Please come back in the morning!

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