Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


THERE IS FRESH SNOW in the hills this morning, but our photo is from last winter, to share with you, dear reader, how much serenity we enjoy here.

This morning it was confirmed that we will have to move because the owner will be selling our home. This has been Mom's home since she moved to Bellingham during the summer of 1999, just after "The Great Explosion" which took place in the adjacent forest you see here.

We feel as if we are Greatly Exploding because, as gorgeous and tranquil as our home is, our neighbors are also our best friends!

We know the names of all the animals who live here, many of whom have come here for dog-sitting or just to play.

We guinea pigs are not excellent at non-attachment. We grieve just like humans when confronted with loss, with great change.

We all want you, neighbors and readers, to know that we cannot imagine life without you, and mom has instructed us to all have faith that God is loving us in ways we simply cannot understand at this time.

And mom asks all of you to know how deeply loved and appreciated you are, your rescue animals are, and how grateful we piggies are for all you have and continue to do for mom when she is sick...

The greatest beauty here is the love you have given us and that we feel for all of you.

You have to admit, though, God made a beautiful pond and forest for us and the eagles, beavers, ducks, and myriads of birds to enjoy sanctuary here at PandaPigSanctuary!
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