Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Gentle Reader,

For months I have honestly tried to portray our herd as one blissful,
loving family.

But, frankly, I have HAD IT WITH THESE TWO!

You may as well know that these photographs illustrate a hostile
standoff between the alpha-male by virtue of size and age, Bear
the Beaver Pig, and the little upstart with a big attitude, YumYum!
This is dangerous behavior: chattering loudly with their teeth, getting closer and closer to one another, until one will actually charge the
other, ready to do some serious damage.

YumYum appears to have lost this standoff, but what you do not
know, dear reader, is that he climbed immediately into Bear's
cage, carefully dismembering Bear's favorite boxes and toys with
attention to being as destructive as his little teeth and toes would
allow. He broke Bear's favorite "turtle box" (the low box with
holes that he pokes his head through then walks around carrying
the box on his back like a turtle) and then YumYum peed his own
"house blend" of scent, marking Bear's cage as HIS! He peed, he
pooed, he sprayed the scent of a vengeful little punk ALL OVER
Bear's Favorite Things. No accident, this behavior!

Then YumYum ate his food, drank his water, and made a mess of
Bear's favorite hay pile, the one Bear likes to hide under while he
grazes contentedly at bedtime.

Mom had to completely clean, wipe and wash down Bear's cage to
remove YumYum's vengeance. Although, admittedly, it beat the
last few times when she stuck her hand between them...and bad
things happened. Now she uses a dish towel or oven mitt to break
up their Stand-Offs. So, even though it appears Bear won this
round, one has to wonder: did he? Did he really?
Can't we all just get along?

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