Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today all 3 pigs are in hospital, the entire herd. YumYum is getting neutered, YEAH!

Bear chewed a hole through himself to relieve pressure and pain from an internal condition and has been treated successfully, including LOTS of
pain medication and antibiotics. The vet admitted he has never seen anything like this before in his life. Neither have we, but the BeaverPig could not say he was in pain, so he chewed his way to it in an effort to "self-treat" which makes us wish we could understand them better...if they could just say, "I hurt, please help me."

 The vet called it "self-mutilation" but we RECOGNIZE  it was Bear's only way of  "self-treating..." although the infection could easily have killed him. Panda's hospitalization and taking the herd there to board and be with him DID SAVE BEAR'S LIFE! AMAZING, YEAH? PandaPig keeps on giving!

Speaking of our little Buddha, PandaPig is hanging in there and will be X-rayed today since it is possible something is wrong with his spine. He recently began hopping like a bunny, instead of walking like a guinea pig. It remains possible that we could still find the cause of his suffering and treat it, although there could be more going on than we can know at this time: "Panda, please help us help YOU!"

Mom was given an ultimatum to be out of our home by month's end yet we still don't have a confirmation on a place to move INTO! The pressure, grief and too much running around has caused mom's illness to flare-up severely and she can no longer walk without the aid of her walker: Good times, yeah!

Snow is dusting the hills with more winter to come. It's colder and snowier now than during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver last Feb! Go figure. Climate change?

Mom is being comforted by a severe bout of MOD (Molly Obsessive Disorder) and watching Molly's four owls grow up is hilarious. Max, the oldest, hasn't got a clue what to do with those long legs he is growing, and Molly has to actually pin him down with one of her talons to prevent his hogging all the prey brought into the owl box. Hey, share a little with your brothers and sisters, Max! Just because you can swallow a mouse whole now doesn't mean you have to swallow EVERY MOUSE!

Apparently, so many people around the world are also tuned into Molly's Owl box that Molly is going to be featured on some CBS Monday Morning early show. A barn owl is more popular than "American Idol!"
Something is right with the world! SOMETHING IS VERY, VERY RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!

We here at PandaPig's Sanctuary do not own a TV since the Pigolletos provide more than enough entertainment and - in their absence - we have Molly and her brood!

So, that's all the news that's fit to print on Thursday, April 8, 2010.

We want to give a special SHOUT-OUT TO Dr. Berry and his staff at the Lynden Veterinary Hospital for their compassionate care of our herd and exotic animals like the little hedgehog with Multiple Sclerosis we met Saturday.  He and his staff are doing everything in their power to not only diagnose and treat "The Herd That Hears" but also offer as much palliative care as safely possible to treat the pain and suffering of all in their care. 

We are strong advocates of palliative care because we recognize that animals feel pain (and guinea pigs more acutely than most animals: (FACT: A GUINEA PIG CAN ACTUALLY DIE FROM PAIN) and ARE PROFOUNDLY grateful to HAVE a vet who recognizes AND SHARES our moral and ethical obligation to treat even the littlest brothers and sisters compassionately with every tool in our toolbox!

Thank you, Dr. Berry and your patient staff!

Preciou Readers, we invite all of you to send  love to the Piggies and all residents of the Lynden Veterinary Hospital in Lynden, WA...and don't forget the little hedgehog who did get to go home in her mother's arms Saturday.

Gacious thanks!

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  1. Dear Art Farm Mom, Panda, YumYum, and Bear,

    We're sending love and prayers to you. We just looked out and saw a hummingbird. We are inspired by the outgoing love from your sanctuary. It's been a long work day here. Almost time for bed again.

    Your friends,
    am and O Chin-Sun Kitty Boe