Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, May 21, 2010

4d5q8182-landing.jpg (JPEG Image, 3300x2550 pixels) - Scaled (25%)

4d5q8182-landing.jpg (JPEG Image, 3300x2550 pixels) - Scaled (25%)


Dear Readers,

Now all 3 of us pigulas are as addicted to Molly's Owl Box as mom (just took awhile to realize they were not going to eat us because we have such acute senses and at first thought they were in the new apartment)

And last night, Austin, owlet #3 just TOOK OFF! Surprised us all, no hesitation, no hop-flapping, noooo
WORRIES: to quote our Jimi Hendrix, Austin just sang:

"'Scuse me, while I touch the sky..." and simply took off...and then disappeared below the screen so
all the MODS absolutely freaked out and we thought they were funny: humans!

No faith in us, whatsoever. We have instincts, people, we were born to KNOW THINGS! Or taught by mom, dad, and each other, especially in a herd we teach each other how to scatter litter OUT THE BOX during our frantic NASCAR race-chases and suchlike games. Mom had to get a lightweight vacuum we got so good at
our LitterScatterGame! In fact, she was so tired of sleeping with it in her bed, she moved us into the living room...MOM!

back to Molly's Owl Box:

That leaves only little, fluffy Wesley now...who gets to enjoy his meals all to himself now that the other
three are out of the box when mom and dad bring din-din! We think Wesley is guinea pig #1 FAVE OWL.

Who is YOUR fave owlet?

YumYum off to the morning HayPile!

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