Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

MOM HAS "MOD" BAD! (Molly Obsessive Disorder) for you Newbies to Molly's Owl Box

Good morning, dear Readers,

well, you can see our bright, shiny (as our dear spiritual friend, am, put it) "Divine Chaos" remains as beautiful as ever!


i'll tell you!

mom is so addicted now to Molly's Owl Box and waiting for Max/Maxine or someone, anyone, to take their first flight,
that late last night, she made the Big Boo-Boo: after Molly brought a gargantuan rodent (?!steroid use among California
rodents rampant in spring) to the Owlets, she finally logged off to clean our cages and feed us our nightly hay.

since we ran out of boxes during the move, lots of our friends just started stuffing stuff into big, black garbage bags.

good stuff, camping gear, Arctic boots for the North Pole, things mom will definitely be using a lot. (not.)

important things for sub-zero freezing temps and windchills like 80 degrees below zero, for her trip to Antarctica.

in her wheelchair, with skis attached, and a team of dogs...

but i digress...she was so tired from Owl Vigil and Twittering (the feed goes about 90mph when Max appears
poised and ready to either fly or be pushed out by siblings tired of him hogging all the food)

so she had a big load of litter full of our favorite things, poo, pee, and piggie detritus, like the hork in the Owl Box.

where did she dump it?

shall we allow you to speculate?

just think: big, black garbage bag...north pole, get how much this Owl Box has rocked our world?

today: her big Clean-Up!

those owls better fly so we can get more attention and she stops throwing piggie poo and litter hither and thither...
else a time may come when she just dumps everything on the floor, figuring that nobody gonna notice at this point,

except during Downward Dog when one's little head fur lands in a pile o'poo!


love as always,

gentle YumYum
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