Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Dear Readers,

As you can see, we are not on Scudder Pond anymore. Last night we
"enjoyed" a live Parade right out our west-facing big picture window!

And, out of our south-facing picture window we enjoyed our neighbors
out on the deck walkways also "enjoying" the Parade.

It was the junior "Ski to Sea Parade." Next week will be THE EVEN BIGGER, WAY L.O.U.D.E.R. adult parade. Edwin was in it once, with the speedskating float.

We are rapidly becoming veteran  "Pigs In The City" with more parades to come since all Bellinghamsters
do throughout our very, way-too-short summers is hold festivals, parades, races:  anything and everything outdoors! Involving beer, always with the beer. We only drink water out our sippy bottles, and the hardest thing mom drinks is an Odwalla protein shake.  Bellinghamsters know there is a very short window of sunlight during which to party, so summer is always full of downtown excitement.  And we, apparently, have season tickets for front-row box seats right here in our own living room!  OOOhhhhh, makes us want to scamper and shout "Yahoooooo!" before begging mom for wheatgrass with loud, high-pitched (Taj, Holy !#%?)
shrieks of "WWWWWhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeK!" Taj is a soprano, and if mom isn't right on it,
he'll scream up a high C note that could break a glass bottle and pop out your eardrums...we love it!
Watch mom scamper once Taj escalates his shrieks, from a middle-C warning to the ear-splitting sound
of a space ship tearing through the sound barrier in our own kitchen.  Never met a high soprano before Taj.

Mom copes by staying tuned to Molly's Owl Box, where she learned to
TWITTER...unfortunately, she recently discovered that numerous Zombie fans and sites (whose names we refuse to allow here, they are dreadful!) are now following her on TWITTER.  Ever since her authoritative sermon about Zombies (plagiarized entirely from an NPR interview with the originator of B&W zombie movies)  mom has been attracting zombie fans following  her on TWITTER...hmmmmm?!

It's just odd to us, because mom has also joined MODS in discussions on numerous other topics...and, yet, the only ones devoted to hanging on her every word are Zombies...oh, and the one Bengals football team
fanster who thought (when MODS were describing their Bengal cats) that mom was also a rabid Bengals fan (the football team, not the cats.)  She seems only to can we say this politely, let's see? Oh, we can't, so we won't: other to imply her followers are probably not folks we would ever invite over for Odwallas. E.V.E.R.

(NOTE FROM EDITOR: Tragically, this is true.)

Is that good? We don't analyze the news, just report it. Even if it gets weirder by the day! Which, and trust me on this: IT mom morphing into a moron? Stay tuned, dear reader, because we are all eager to find out! Oops, gotta run! Mom coming now to check into Molly's Owl Box pre-Dusk TWITTER fest.

YumYum has left the building!

(NOTE FROM EDITOR: no, he hasn't; YumYum is hopping up and down in his brightly colored ferret sleeping bag, which seems an odd place to hop, but who are we to judge a cavy's choice of hoppy places?!!)

As long as he never hops away, we are happy!  Even if the city has turned mom into a moron!
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