Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Dear Readers,

YumYum here. G'morning. Mom stayed up WAY too late last night
watching Molly's Owl Box because Max is ready to fly the coop and
all the MODS (humans with Molly Obsessive Disorder) want to be
there when it happens. For some reason (maybe, mom, because it
was AFTER MIDNIGHT?!) she joined the Twittering and apparently, from
what she told us at breakfast, contributed a great deal of her wildlife
knowledge Twittering about zombies not being able to run because
the film-maker who created Zombies did not give them bones and
if they don't have bones in their ankles they cannot run after people
like modern-day Zombies...this gleaned from an interview mom
heard on NPR with the original Zombie creator of horror movies.
That must be some interesting Owl Box after midnight! Not to
mention that the oldest owl, Max, underwent a sex change at some
point and has become Maxine. Mom calls him/her "AlphaGirl"
because she cannot bear the name Maxine after knowing him as
Max for so long. Well, we got our twilight Runabout last night and
were all asleep for the Zombie Vigil to see if Max/ine would fly.
She gobbled up what Molly and McGee brought, but no flying. Yet.

For those dear readers wondering what we're talking about, a link
to Molly's Owl Box can be found at the top of our blog.  It's wonderful!

However, I digress, Raj Mahal saw me doing yoga with mom and thinks he would be an excellent YogaPig because he is
very long, lithe, and slithery (he's very hard for mom to capture after Runabout because he can compress into a snake-like
slithery, slidey, slippery thing and wriggle away...that long, sleek, soft fur gives him "NO-CAN-CATCH-ME" lubrication) THUS,
Our Dear Raj Mahal
has become adroit at lengthening both himself and the duration of his Runabouts!

Mom gives us Twilight Runabouts so she can clean our cages without us in them.

Treats and cardboard boxes to chew on, run through, popcorn out of and: A WORLD OF FUN FOR
EVERYONE, even if she won't let me out (EVER AGAIN!) with the Mahals, so I can only Runabout by myself  since she has no parts of her hand unbitten by me.  She wears her scars like Happy Tattoos of ME!

Out of love for Raj, I am posting this video on how to behave in groups of yogis since mom and me are a duo but Raj joining makes us a group, and Raj needs to know there is etiquette in Yoga.
Raj, this link will teach you everything you need to know. AND EVERYTHING MOM DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW!


P.S. Don't nobody tell Raj I'm punkin' him because when mom catches our dignified, beautiful Raj doing yoga like this guy it'll be a LAUGH-RIOT for YUM-YUM, me!

NOW: TO THE YOGA MAT! Give us a Sun Salutation because that bright thing is out AGAIN TODAY!

Bye for now and Namaste to Susan, Amanda, and all mom's yoga friends. Will you all now welcome Raj Mahal, the
Inappropriate YogaPig?! (hee-hee)
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