Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Morning All,

It's the Raj Mahal today with news that yesterday when Taj and I got our Runabout, I discovered a Secret Place that no one knew about and sunned myself there in blissful solitude until mom discovered there was a gap between beds and there was me!

As you can see, we have recently endured having our toenails trimmed but it actually went quite well, as mom placed a planter full of wheatgrass on her lap and we barely noticed!

Speaking of food, mom has a call in to Dr. Berry to see if YumYum can have anything besides hay now that he is feeling better.
Must admit, he's been a better sport about it than any of us expected, getting lots of extra tickling from mom and he seems to have even grown something resembling a mane! Or a "ruff" as they call it on cats...hard to tell since his fur is so mottled and swirley but he actually behaved while we pigged out on fresh veggies and he got none! All here at the Art Farm must admit we are impressed with his new level of maturity...hmmmm...quite out of character, though.

Two of the owlets have now "flown the coop" although they come back at night, and lil'Wesley FINALLY took off and flew away last night! Then all the MODS who have been encouraging him to fly for the past week found themselves staring at an emptly owl box and proceeded to panic and cry and SUCH DRAMA I've never seen! So, Wesley flew back and re-entered the owl box.

What did the MODS do then? Wonder WHY! Was he ok, could he hunt, what was wrong, blah, blah, they went berserk.

All these people around the world got NOTHING BETTER TO DO? And when he does not fly they are upset. When he does fly they are upset. When he returns to Molly's Owl box they are upset. Are humans EVER HAPPY?

Glad we are guinea pigs and not barn owls! Still, mom has made a lot of nice friends there and learned a lot about owls for her drawings. Oh! She started a new drawing. AND, Edwin bought her a new pair of trail running shoes and yesterday she actually WALKED with her walking poles (no walker, no cane, no wheelchair!!!!) out on Taylor Dock while a rainstorm blew in off the San Juan Islands and she felt soooo HAPPY! A little sad because Edwin had to return to Seattle, but happy for her FIRST WALK in uncountable days and OUTDOORS on the water, although lots of dead crabs were washed ashore (?!) and the seagulls were feasting like a Red Lobster Special or something.

Well, mom gonna change our water now, we get special vitamin supplements that taste good so we love our water.

It has been a pleasure, nice day to all, see ya's later!

Raj Mahal
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