Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

YumYum, Move Your Butt! We're Squooshed!

The other day mom took all three of us to the vet to have
her head examined. We all got checked out, cleared, and showed
no symptoms of the killer pneumonia, so were given a round
of "pre-emptive" antibiotics that we are not enjoying.
Once mom actually FINDS OUR MOUTHS then finds
the place between our front chompers and our molars
and gives it a good squirt, it's actually quite tasty,
but make no mistake, we put her through it!
How dare she?

And what have we gotten for all this? Killer YumYum
has returned to his old self. While he (and everyone) continues
to adore that wee scamp VinnyGuinea, I am now being
attacked by YumYum and being blamed for everything,
So now I have to live ALONE in a separate cage,
although it is adjacent to theirs and Vinny goes
back and forth to play with me, to play with YumYum,
but he lives with YumYum and - check THIS OUT -
YumYum keeps coming to the bars of his cage,
acting like he misses me so, shoving his bossy snout
out to touch mine in a show of loneliness, the cad!
(except for yeah, if the antibiotics save our lives, then I'll really mean it.)

Now for the bad news.
Mom didn't do well without Raj next to her bed or in her bed
last night.

Now for the worst news:
When she took him to the vet to be cremated with his brother and
friends yesterday she found out what she feared most.
Whatever type of pneumonia the herd caught presents symptoms
which can remain dormant for weeks, but once they become
active they are antibiotic resistant and the disease is fatal
in one to three days. There is no cure. Period. For no stone
has been left unturned and all who began showing symptoms
have died. 

Now for the worst of the worst news (about me):
When mom got me to befriend Raj after Coconut died, he was
not presenting any symptoms at all. She did not yet understand
the nature of this killer pneumonia and naively placed me
with him to give him comfort and a reason to live through
the grief, and not give up. Therefore, I was exposed to the disease.

Now for worse news:
When he began displaying symptoms, she was not thinking
clearly and immediately place me with YumYum and VinnyGuinea, thus exposing whatever killed Raj and Coconut
and everybody else to all three of us. Now, we have all
been exposed. We are all taking "pre-emptive"
antibiotics and have one thing going for us, which is
none of us were housed in the same areas at Parkers
where our brothers and Coconut originally caught
the fatal viral or bacterial infection leading to
this killer, while we have the best
survival chances, mom CANNOT get any more
guinea pigs and she now lives knowing that
once one of US gets sick...

You know the rest.
What we all went through, AGAIN.

What's more disgusting to us is that she has
not even washed her hair in two weeks.


P.S. Please feel free to leave comments. We simply need
to moderate them now due to the presence of some num-nut.
Thank you.

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  1. TEARS IN HEAVEN ....................

  2. Chana,All of you are still in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sorry about the news you received at the vet's but I am going to stay totally optimistic about the health of YumYum, Vinny, & Bhini and that's that...Take care of yourself please,
    Lucy (silent MOD troy,oh)

  3. Thank you, the most WONDERFUL thing before Raj passed was combing him, trimming his "tail-feathers" and he looked BEAUTIFUL that night he knew he would join his brother and friends! I have just been focused on "breathe in, breathe out." Perhaps it is time to wash my hair before birds begin nesting in it.

  4. Good Lord, woman... take some time to wash your hair, or before you know it, some auto supply place will be knocking on your door for grease!

    1. Actually, now that sparrows are sitting on eggs that could hatch any day (the glory of naturally curly, filthy hair) I am considering a LIVE USteam broadcast to market unique "Hair Products for Bird Lovers" on Cafe Press, heh-heh.

  5. YumYum, we are so glad to hear you are still Da Boss! We are sure this is just a hazing ritual you are putting Bhindi through and that you will stop attacking him as soon as he remembers the secret password.

    1. UH...Meme, when I read this to him, his top-nitch mohawk bristled and he cocked his head, smiled, then asked me to pen his response, "Sure I will. SURE I WILL." (he "da Boss) Mebbe need to get some early Springsteen to play him?

  6. Well, we know that He LL has surley frozen over in BHam, but I do believe a hot shower and shampoo will thaw out the tension! I shall trust in the big guy upstairs that your 3 babes will be ok. You've all suffered enough. Please have a good meal after the shower. Have a nice cuddle and sleep well my friend. You deserve it!

  7. What's that smell? Chana, wash (or as Carlos says "warsh") that greasy head of yours! EWW!! P.S. Sending hugs your way.

  8. You are all trying to "steal my thunder" because instead of investing in birdhouses and those dreadful percolater hats like Princess Beatrice wore, now I am offering opportunities to combine them as one with LIVE birds, eggs hatching and fledging on UStream, and none of you live here so what's it to ya if it smells like...EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW? WHAT'S THAT HORRID SMELL? OMG! HAS A SKUNK MOVED IN?

  9. Praying that treating everyone, before the illness hits will keep it away. Bhindi, I think Yum Yum is going to play with you again soon. You are just to sweet to ignore. And Chana, the hair thing, I totally have been there.