Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, February 27, 2012


AS we enjoy a deep freeze our friends
in Bavaria send hope of Spring Blooming
within and without...
warming heart and soul.
Tonight we sleep in peace.
Tonight we sleep knowing
we are so loved,
and give thanks to the Creator
who gives more than
we can ever know...
so we close our eyes
and whisper "thank you"
as peaceful slumber
overtakes and we slip into that
place forgotten for so long...
yet so welcome back into
our lives: we rest in the
arms of LOVE, FAITH, and HOPE.
With one pancake remaining.
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  1. As we walk our path of life,
    We meet people everyday.
    Most are simply met by chance.
    But, some are sent our way.

    These become special friends
    Whose bond we can't explain;
    The ones who understand us
    And share our joy and pain.

    Their love contains no boundaries.
    So, even we are apart.
    Their presence enhances us
    With a warmth felt in the heart.

    This love becomes a passageway,
    When even the miles disappear.
    And so, these friends, God sends our way,
    Remain forever near.
    And forever dear ...........

    1. And pick us up when ere we fall, and carry us when ere we stumble and hold our hands when they are cold and wipe our tears 'ere fresh or olde...and when they come as Gifts our way, we know to cherish them every day...

  2. Oh so beautiful - flowers AND words.

    Once Spring is on the way everything will seem brighter!

  3. All you ladies bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Thank you.

    1. MariFUN, You have been through this with us every step of the way and one of the brightest, most beautiful colors in our Rainbow, my dear friend!