Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


A few summers ago, when I could still walk,
Edwin and I spent a long, long day hiking the lakes 
and high trails around Mount Baker. 
We picked wild blueberries, prayed by ponds
of glacial melt, and languished in the altitude where
 I always seem to forget I have ever been ill...

We came across a number of free-standing rock sculptures
to which Edwin added his own touches.

This one really spoke to me.
If we had our way, it is where we would like to have
spread the guinea pigs' ashes but under the circumstances
I am still trying to find strength to wash the bird's nest
out of my hair! They know this is where we will go
to remember them. They also know everywhere we
go we will remember them. They also know we cannot
ever stop remembering them, nor would we
ever want to, for we are all better for their
having been in our lives, our Little Buddhas!

As each one died, I wrapped him or her in my favorite
pillowcase to take to the vet for cremation and have
come up with another 6 word short story:

"For Sale:
Broken heart included."


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  1. what a wonderful and mystical place to be ....
    beautiful thoughts about your meeris ...
    reminds me of ours, we've lost ....
    each wrapped in my favourite-t-shirt ....
    to take them for their last resting place ...
    here in our garden ... always nearby.
    they are always around us ....
    like your meeris .... always around YOU !

    love from bavaria ....
    we are thinking about you.
    always on our minds .......................

  2. Our all-time favorite place, 55 miles East of here...close to Heaven, where the eagles soar, the bears pick berries, and the owls wait hidden until dusk...the stars light up the dark sky like fireworks and even the Aurora Borealis can sometimes be seen. Heaven on Earth. As well as being an active VOLCANO...Yikes!