Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Having lost Coconut overnight, Raj appears
to have given up his own fight.
I have gotten more freshly squeezed, organic
carrot juice along with another cup including
spinach and parsley plus the pulp from each
juicing to entice him to begin even tasting
solid food, yet he remains uninterested.
Nor have I eaten, so once I have, I will
spend the afternoon feeding and loving Raj.
The vet never called back about the Baytril
but who cares? They take it, they die.
They don't take it, they die.
They just die.
Raj was the one whose prospects were
brightest but since grief can kill the
hardiest pig, and I cannot put a new
baby of any kind in with a sick one,
there is no way to comfort him with
a new friend...I will be carrying him
around in the pouch of a thick, fleece
half-zip anorak like a kangaroo with 
her little joey. But if losing Coconut
impacts him hard enough...?

5 Words

"Breathe in Pain.
Exhale Grief."


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  1. I am so very sorry and I have no words for it.

  2. Like Meme, I have no words to heal the sorrow you must be feeling, just more thoughts and prayers.

  3. Okay Raj, you gotta hang in there and stay with your can do it, please...we love you lots. Chana, shutting down and wanted to say good-nite and to let you know that you all are in my thoughts & prayers. Take care of yourself as you care for Raj, please.
    (((hugs))) Lucy (silent MOD, troy,oh)

  4. thank you, if he doesn't make it i am going to become a wolf
    on the mountain where i bury him and coconut pie tomorrow because
    there is precious little holding me together anymore and it will blow...only all of would like where we will go. Raj could pull through physically. he is strong enough. but his will to live may not be. i love you all. and i must be strong enough to pull through. humans gotta. that's why we have each other and you have all proven THAT to me.

  5. my heart goes out to you ....

  6. I can't find the words . . . I am so very, very sorry, Chana, this must be more than anyone has to bear . . . we send our love xxxxx