Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today we ate a little, drank fresh-squeezed, organic carrot
juice from a syringe squirter, and mom even caught us walking
around our cage instead of lying on our sides breathing rapidly, 
too weak to move, unable to stand, eyes glazed over. 

YumYum and GuineaVinny get to be in the living room but
we get to sleep with mom next to her bed! We sure hope the
worst is over...

Although once we defrost from so much loss (half the herd
since January 2nd, 2012) another "worst" may commence.
But we will have those of us who have survived to console
one another and we will be in your world-wide loving embrace.

For the first time this year, we have hope we shall endure.

If we make it though the night...

love you all.

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  1. sending ALL our love and best wishes
    and hugs and and and .... prayers for
    take care ...........

  2. Prayers and hugs for all of you.

  3. Dearest Raj, we love you and all your family and are sending more healing wishes . . . you are doing really well and with your Mum's tender, loving care . . . . well, keep trying my sweet. With love from us all here to you ALL there, Fairy xxxxxxx

  4. Your mom gives you the best love there is, and all of us give her the best virtual hugs and prayers there are. Sending them again to you, Chana. All my love,

  5. Those little piggies sure look more perky and healthy, Skeeter! Praying you and they continue to get stronger and feeling MUCH better!! You are a good mommy to them; your love and TLC will pull them through! Love Meboylouie

  6. Sometimes the smallest steps are the greatest leaps. Keep moving babies!

  7. Hope this is a sign that you are all on the road to recovery. No detours... full speed ahead!

  8. I am so glad to hear that the road to recovery looks a little brighter! Keep moving in that healthy direction with our thoughts and prayers holding you all in our heart.
    Take care,
    Lucy (silent MOD, troy,ohio)

  9. Oh so happy to hear your feeling better. Sounds like the worst is over. Love to you sweet piggies.