Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Sometimes we fall in love and don't know how it happens.
We meet a special someone and before we know it, we can't
forget that special someone. That's how we felt about Fairy.
She's just special. Fell in love, still in love.
As you know, she is a "lethal white" and we hope you
have read her blog (to right, under "My Blog List") and
know she is both deaf and blind on the outside but has
no limitations of love on the inside.

Today is a birthday.

It is also a week in which we grieve for our precious Meeri-Boy
and we cannot forget him in the celebration as he remains part
of our growing life and in passing, for we have really
lost no one, we do not believe we can lose anyone we love.
Meeri, we love you.
Please give our love to our loved ones too numerous to name
through our tears. Yes, cupcakes and tears,
that is the nature of life and we embrace it fully, which is
what we fell in love with about Fairy: she embraces life
fully, knowing that most "lethal whites" never even have
a chance at life at all. It is people like Anita and Ian who
give so much for her to have this magic life which she
is soooo generous with, and Ingrid and Helmut to care
for eight meeris, rabbits, dogs, we forgot how many others,
and now there are seven meeris, and here there are three
but actually, in a way, I can give them more; as my own
energy diminishes these three have a higher quality of life...

For my birthday cupcakes I would like to award one to each and every one of you who sacrifices so that a little brother or sister or a loved one of any species may enjoy a higher quality of life, whether you are nursing an elderly parent, caring for a dying companion animal, sending money to a shelter because although you work too many hours you can enable them to buy things they need (hint, hint, we love BEST FRIENDS in Utah.) 
This birthday party's table
has a place setting for each and every one of you, come with smiles, come with tears, just come, please, for you are among the truly blessed ones humble enough to hold out a hand to another and we're HAPPY-DANCING  cuz YOU'RE OUR FRIENDS:  HAPPY-DANCE & HAPPY SONG!

In India, they say "many pranams" 
and think (and HOPE!) 
it means: many gracious thanks,
a sign of profound respect to another.

YumYum, Bhindi, and Vinni-Valli
(who secretly crawled and hid - AGAIN! - in YumYum's
cage while he was on Runabout so YumYum is in Vinny's
cage and Vinny is in YumYum's least he didn't
shark-surprise us this time!)
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  1. You are lovely, dear Chana, you really are xxxxx