Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Please let us introduce the Director of our new endeavor:
The World's First EVER "Cavy Sedentary Marching Band!"
  Maestro Pimlico is busy warming up our imported
with love background singer-mice who arrived from
England, compliments of Fairy! Shhhh...
They are practicing their scales now....

"May we interview you?"
Just adore those wings, honey!

"You must ask Maestro first, for his permission."
O.K. you two seem like such happy mice.
What great, good luck for the Pirates to have
your good nature to balance their...nature.

"Thank you, hee-hee-hee...(blushing)"

"NO. We take our work seriously here,
to become the best Sedentary Marching
Band in the world, no time for interviews!"
Tap. Tap. Tap.

"Anda One, Anda Two, Anda Three..."

While Maestro Pimlico is warming up the Micesingers
Bhindi-Boy, VinnyGuinea, and YumYum are hard
at work eating, studying, eating their sheet music for breakfast.


Vinny Guinea: "Ma, please call Auntie Connie, I wanna change
my name to Vinni-Valli!  Her brother knew Frankie, ya know,  she an authentic Jersey girl and I haven't got to talk to her in, like, FOREVER!  You won't let us cuz she wants me to have a wife or sumpin' and ------


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  1. Wait a come the haircut picture came through on the email update but it's not on the blog? Did you have a change of heart and remove it? I think it's great! Mine is still shorter than yours though. Ha!

  2. Love love love the Sedentary Marching Band. Only in the miniature world of the truly talented cavy kids would that be happening. And those sweet little singer mice (complete with wings on the big sister) take the cupcake so-to-speak. And to think, they came all the way from England - obviously NOT on on the Titanic thank goodness! Ya gotta love the whole thing!

  3. LOOK! There's those pesky mousies, they said they were going on their hols and now I KNOW where they WENT. Well! Joining a band and all that is all very well, but where does that leave us, and our orchestra? I ask you? And who, may I ask, is that odd looking fellow conducting? Well!!!!! Fairy xxxxx