Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's May already and this is the first month mom
(yes, the hairless one in the middle) has
been able to go play with friends at the Gallery!
It's a LOT of fun there.

This performer is Irish and also played the
drum and sang, stomped his feet and made
everyone want to dance.

Cards (and now magnets) of Calvin and MacNutPie
are still best-sellers but it's hard for mom to make
and sell them...very hard.
On the other hand, she met some real neat people
and learned a lot about...about...something
very important. She told us it was important
but has already forgotten what it was.
(never saw that comin' did we boys?! ha-ha!)

See the pink owl on the left? and the blue dog?
There was so much she wanted to BUY!

Reuben is the first person she ever met at ARTISANS
and he's a terrific performer! Mom said he reminded her
of Glen Hansard from the film "Once" so he performed
one of the songs from the film and dedicated it to her.

Still eyeing that owl!

This song was about potatoes and got everyone
singing along! Reuben had his own club back
in Homer, Alaska; sure knows how to work a crowd!

It's true. You gotta have it. 
But first you gotta have guinea pigs!

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  1. You and the cards look pretty darn good!

  2. I loved reading this and seeing all your lovely art-friends, Chana . . . and I especially LOVE the first pic of YOU, what a beautiful smile, a beautiful face :)))