Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


OH, that's it, right behind the ears!


Would you be kind enough to do my tummy, too?

YES, I'll even put my foot on your hand to roll
me over so you can tickle the right spot!
I'm a "silkie" you know, soooo soft! My tummy
especially and my nose and my ears and my...

why did you stop? MOM?!

"Honey, it's not me, YumYum is transcribing this
since you are not available to type and he just 
discovered a carrot. Sorry, little one, these things
just happen. It's part of growing up, I guess."

Mom, YumYum said your new computer annoys him.
He said some of the keys don't really write what they
say they will and he is annoyed.

@like THAT! it was supposed to be something else.

And you forgetting your new password the minute after
you put it in and having to call the Philippines all the
time and just talk about stuff there since they are mostly
from where Edwin was born.

And you not knowing how to make it wireless and having to call India and you know they are in Mumbai so you play with their
heads and ask about the weather but you already know what it is from the newspaper and you know they are being listened in on and they keep @SEE THAT!  well, you keep making them £??? (this is one WACK computer!) they have to "redirect" you back to the topic but you keep saying "How do you say so-and-so in Hindi?"
and YumYum called you the worst pirate of all when you get those week-long migraines because you get bored and your head hurts and you get tummy-sick and can't eat so you just annoy all the poor people in call centers around the world.

Is that what a Pirate does, ma? Am I one?


YumYum: "She fell asleep rubbing your belly, boy, just get used
to it. Now say good night and ask why none of the keys write the
letters they are are supposed to."

"why don't the keys eat watermelon.@£!@"


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  1. Your computer doesn't appear broken to me.