Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

St. Vinny, the Good

People learned so much from Bhindi's "Zen Banana
Eating" Post that I felt inspired to impart wisdom
of my own.

You may now call me "St. Vinny, the Good."
(aka: "Little Piggie Who Could")

This is a lesson in sharing wheat grass with the meek.

Since I have to play all the parts myself, I will also
play the part of "the meek."

A saintly pig will only take a small portion of his
farthing, keeping the rest of his crop intact for those
less fortunate than himself.

Since I am now playing "the less fortunate amongst
ourselves" now, I must demonstrate eating the farthing
of the crop left by St. Vinny the Meek.

"I spy
with my little eye
a piggie named Vinny,
so saintly-oH-MY!"
(see me?)

"Awe, mom, don't ruin my story,  
mussin' my hair...
and embarrassing me again! 
But, guess what?"

"It's Fairy's mum's BIRTHDAY STILL:
WE LOVE YOU and I saved
this last bit for you!"
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    I want a holiday with a scene
    Of green, green and green

    A summer of green trees
    A landscape of green grass
    A view full of green vegetables

    The colour green
    Is a beauty that must be seen!
    From a moving vehicles screen

    And while we hold onto those machines
    That deprives us of the colour green
    Remember they provide us vaccines
    As well as help the air to be clean

    So for green, green and green
    I will travel continents across and in-between
    And also to any place that I have never been
    I will make it routine
    Just to see green, green and green

    - Sylvia Chidi -

    VINNY, you are so sweet ....
    in-between the green green grass of home ...

  2. This is hilarious. Vinny, you are so funny and SO special - sharing your own field of grass with yourself, in such a caring manner . . . . something we should all learn and now you have shown us how it goes, we will all be doing more sharing!

    I also LOVE Ingrid's super poem, and my BD greets at the end :))))) Thanks you xxxxx