Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gosh, just discovered that we donated art to this amazing organization as part of the ARTISANS
community. Was in hospital or out at time so benefactress ARTISANS co-ordinator created a package of guinea pig cards for us which were auctioned off to support buying up the last remaining wild areas not developed by greedy...well, that's getting off subject (not really.)
Yeah for guinea pigs, YOU HELP SAVE THE PLANET, or at least this little corner of it we call HOME! (Calvin continues to be our best-selling card with MacNutPie coming in a close second, although the BigMac is number one in England, appearing on a variety of fund-raising products sold by Guinea Pig Magazine...)

They are so popular the Gallery informed me today that they are giving me even more space for cards AND magnets of them greet visitors entering ARTISANS...

We love our new babies (even if Bhindi is secretly an elephant) but must confess that card-making time (and it will be this week) remains a wound of grief, looking into their eyes -
So, we focus on watermelon, lots of wheeky lap-time, runabouts, popcorning, and when it is
absolutely necessary during a cardmaking worktime, curling up into the fetal position to grieve.
We just go with it...what else can a lover do besides cherish what was and be grateful for what is.

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  1. No one can take away the pain of such profound loss. I prefer to think they live on in the cards. They will forever be admired through your efforts. ((Hug))