Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fairy Celebrates HRM The Queen's Jubilee by Putting a (Funny!) Spell on Mom!

Fairy bakes for the Jubilee!

Where there's sprinkles on
cupcakes, cups there must be!

Well, well, if we haven't gotten to the bottom of the Mystery of mom's brand new out-of-the-box computer obfuscation!

Pip Pop! Finally, it has been solved and the mischievous little rapscallion behind it has to be none other than our precious Fairy from Across the Pond, so fed up with HRM receiving all the pomp-stomp-and-Circus-Dance that she played a wee, bitty, trick on our own "mum" and when the brand new computer came out of its brand new box and came time to pick a language, well, of course "mum" pressed the Button for English!
Wouldn't you? Of course you would!

So, why were quotes coming out as British pounds and other keys coming out all things inscrutable? And blogging in India, with people who think mom is a man named after a garbanzo bean or their first atomic bomb...we'll save that for another would think we were not easily scruted! But we gotta hand it to Fairy: when her boat wasn't FIRST IN LINE on the Thames in the rain...our pip-pop-mum programmed our computer to become English as in "across-the-big-pond
English" and it took three techs from the call center in the Philippines to figure out what no one 90 miles south at either AMAZON (foster home of computer) or MICROSOFT (foster home spawning millionaires under 25) would even tell her. It's a mad, mad world! One tech who couldn't figure out the problem neglected to tell mom his shift was over and he was going home, so he just said he would "call her right back" (AND IT'S NOT LIKE THEY'D BEEN DATING!) but did he? NO! He went home, leaving her waiting, computer open and vulnerable, like a heartbreak just waiting to happen...except instead of heartbreak said 'PuterPie caught a Very Bad Virus, crashed, it is still hard to blog, we remain to this day unable to leave comments right here on our very own blog much less yours but got most of the bugs worked out and on a fast boat to Scotland! The Hebrides as last we checked. Yes, quite so.

Fairy, our lass, THIS IS YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH AND WE'VE ENJOYED BEING UNDER YOUR SPELL, (You had us at "Squee" if you ever saw "Jerry McQuire" movie that would make sense...) and we look forward to a June blossoming into hedgerows full of baby hedgehogs and such-like for you while we count the more than Ten Thousand Shades of Grey not on our bestseller list because we are quite ready for SUMMER, hey, SUMMER! REMEMBER YOU?

Sincerely Yours in Coprophragia,
Peter-Peanut, the Greatest Ever!

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