Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, July 23, 2012

They Call It "Stormy Monday"

Wanna know where all the action really takes place on RUNABOUTS?*

OH, Sure, there is plenty of running racing around everyone else's
 cage to get YumYum and Vinny-Guinea chasing them back & forth, gnashing teeth; daring eyes locked in the sweet: "Watch your back, Lil'Peanut cuz if I  can escape my habitat area WHILE YOU are STILL - "
NO! NO! Not at all, we're giving completely the wrong impression! ACTUALLY AND THIS IS TRUE, guinea pigs also enjoy small, tight, hidden cubbies to hide, explore, chew errant computer cords & hoard the goodies they find hidden in secret Runabout places so urban density is just the ticket!  Prime real estate. 
Second floor condo. Alone at last, exhausted
Bhindi can finally snooze off his earlier wild-chasing of Peter-Peanut; the younger, nimbler Peter outrunning and exhausting him. 

Yes, asleep here in my condo, Bhindi dreams: 
Now this is the life,  
his very own private loft atop their fried scramble of COLORFUL plush, wood, and cardboard Mayhem
Sweet dreams, Bhindi.
We love you.
*all plush cuddle cups, hut, and the Giant Carrot
manufactured by Jen of Jen's Custom Crafts,
who supports our efforts to love every guinea
pig who arrives to a warm, luxurious welcome
here at Panda Pig's Sanctuary.
Thank you, Jen, you totally ROCK OUR WORLD!
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  1. We LOVE Jen's super duper creations! And so do the pigs!