Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"A Poem Rap Song"
Millie Bea

My name is Millie Bea
and I OWN CD3 - that's right!
She got me this cool pen
To play, pee, run'bout in -

She thinks I gonna share ~
with Joy but I don't care!
That piggie be so small
I gonna take it ALL!

So YO, what up, I'm Bea!
You gots to look at me -
I'z beautiful, you see?
Let ev'ry one agree.
Say "UH! UH! OH-YEAH!"

Session Cut! Why can't no one
rap right in Wisconsin?
(Millie Bea demands a carrot.)
"I needz me a AGENT!"

oh WAIT, what do I see
the next post, could it be - 
A man-pig JUST FOR ME?
************************ (i think i just got shy)

{Original Photo of Millie Bea, rescued by CD3}
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  1. Oh my sweet Millie, you are just being silly, & I know you will share,push little Sister out, oh you wouldn't dare! See Mommy can rap too.

  2. Of COURSE SHE WILL, OF COURSE SHE WILL! (my naive friend from Wisconsin, God love her.)

  3. But...but she is so tiny & sweet. There is that glint in her eye, however. Be frightened, be very frightened.

  4. What a rappity-pig she is!