Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


On Sunday I was up north in Birch Bay and hungry!
No easy customer by any standards, one cafe sent me
over to an adorable old-fashioned soda fountain where the employees pictured above utilized "It Takes a Village" to create the perfect sandwich for me and perfect it was! But, even more exciting was meeting the owner, Tammy, an avid animal rescue volunteer owned by her cats and animals who helps sponsor the annual Birch Bay Music Festival to benefit, dedicated to preventing the agonizing euthanasia of so many unwanted animals and pets resulting from lack of awareness of the necessity of spaying and neutering our loved ones. In fact, you all know that I LOVE my guinea pigs so much that they will be getting those bowling balls they drag around removed September 21st and not a moment too soon: Tonight, sweet, precious, darling little Peter-Peanut, clearly inspired by the 2012 OlympiGz in London, actually (true) HIGH-JUMPED off his box into Bhindi's cage where they "engaged" before I even knew what happened! Luckily, I was online wishing our FAVORTIE MOD, Papa-Pie Carl, Happy Birthday next to their habitats and broke it up before anyone was seriously injured or worse.
Peter-Peanut has lost all visiting privileges with his (best friend?) Bhindi, as I had to shut all the tall gates to his rabbit pen after his unexpected, athletic, militarized coup d'etat. 
Anyway, here's Tammy's cafe and I'll be back, because just LOOK AT HER EMPLOYEES ready to snip that cheese, lettuce, tomato, and "I want this but not that, grill the toast first THEN add the veggies please, oh, and toast the bread, THEN please grill it with the CHEESE before adding the veggies and..." HEY! Knock it off, that knife was never meant for me, and those of you who know me too well: HA-HA! I'm still here!

Visit for more info on WeSnip and this important, fun, fundraiser.
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  1. I'm going to assume that photo of the pair, was before you started barking your order, since they are smiling. And I thought I was picky!

  2. Get the latte and espresso lined up! We are on our way to join you for coffee and the perfect sandwich! I wish we were, anyway :))

    Lovely, smiley faces and I bet YOU were smiling right back! Xxxx

  3. How'd ya know?! Your little Pirates made me do a Very Naughty thing. So don't look at the newest post. No matter WHAT! LOL!
    lOVES YOU!