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Saturday, October 27, 2012

FRANKENSTORM: From Space: 2012 Hurricane Seen From ISS As 'Frankenstorm' Looms (VIDEO)

Dear Readers,
Believe it or not, we just found out about Hurricane Sandy, dubbed
"FRANKENSTORM!" from our
dear friend, Connieeee (MOD variety!)
on the phone. I cannot spend much time online anymore due to vision issues so we are posting this link to:

1. ASK, IMPLORE, PLEAD with all of our readers to pray, send love, good vibes, whatever "floats your boat" spiritually, because if this storm is not being over-hyped (and it appears that it is not) all in it's path need everything we can send straight from our hearts and souls.

2. Here's a link to provide up to the minute info FROM SPACE of the SIZE AND MAGNITUDE OF THIS MONSTER. 

3. A combination of factors is creating an extraordinarily dangerous weather system, including collision with a winter storm, full moon, and lots of meteorological words that are big and scary. And it's Halloween.

4. We are using The Weather Channel ap to keep up with Connie and our many friends in the area, and if you have loved ones in the NorthEastern Coast of the United States, please contact them before the storm as they may not be able to contact you once it makes landfall.

5. New York City has already declared a State of Emergency.

6. We wish this was a Halloween hoax. We have not been following the news, so you're probably going to go: "This isn't news to us!" And we would be really grateful to know that. But since it is news to us, and we have many foreign readers with kith & kin living in the United States, we wanted to share this.


CONDOLENCES TO THOSE IN THE CARIBBEAN WHO HAVE ALREADY FELT ITS WRATH...we have below a link for you to see this monstrous hurricane from Space. Sending love and light to all, including birds, fish, whales, animals, and every soul who has or will be affected by this storm. 
God bless you. Be safe. Be well.
Please stay in touch and we invite your comments here if you have any.

YumYum, Bhindi, Vinny-Guinea, Peter-Peanut, Squirrel, and Chana
Frankenstorm from Space link below:
(it's very quiet in space and watching this video is quite an experience.)
Sandy From Space: 2012 Hurricane Seen From ISS As 'Frankenstorm' Looms (VIDEO)


  1. It seems to have the potential to be a doozy... I sure hope not!

    Batten down the hatches, hold on and good luck to everyone that will/might be effected!

  2. Ms. A, we feel the same, thank you. I remember feeling this way before Katrina, watching her from space, thinking exactly what you just said. Then they said the levees held. Then the levees broke. I wondered: How could anyone in authority see an image of a storm THIS LARGE FROM SPACE and not take it seriously, as they did not in New Orleans when Katrina hit. So, yes, thank you for your comment. We hope for the best and prepare for the worst and don't forget the pets and wildlife also in our prayers.

  3. Praying for everyone to be safe, through this storm. Sounds from what I have been reading, everyone is well prepared.