Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Yum-Yum is less active daily but showers
upon us blessings on how to Die with Grace.
His habitat now sits surrounded by all of his
minions (including the Big one on the bed)

a Ring of Love surrounding him.

I think he loves us more, though.
He has stopped crying in pain
even when peeing blood and is
not on any pain medication as
the vet refused to dispense it
but I would no longer force
anything upon him anyway
so that when I do reach in to pet or
pick him up he will not be afraid I am
going to force medicine on him.
He loves chewing on his wooden
box and the doors are becoming
so large it now resembles a Pavilion!
He is still eager for his salad and we are
now growing a new crop of wheatgrass,
and he eats well, drinks with delight,
yet has become Peaceful: no longer do
the Pirates on Runabout chattering their
teeth at him receive a response. He seems
simply to love them and appreciate their
dropping by to visit, even if their own
intentions are to make him mad.
He has begun to take on the qualities of
a Living Buddha, with equanimity,
peaceful repose, still playful, still loving
Life, still wanting to be held and petted,
now wrapped up like a Pig-in-a -Blanket
in one of our new custom-sewn soft, quilted
"floors" gifted to the Sanctuary: one is his
to be picked up in when he comes to bed
with me and we snuggle under the electric
blanket now that it has become chilly at night.
Polarfleece, which these floors are made of
(i think) is used in jackets and mountaineering
gear for warmth so he is my "Pig in a Blanket"
except wiser, calmer, and Holier than anyone
I have seen die...with the possible exception of
my godson in the Philippines who passed away
as a child...and had Visions he wrote and described
only to me in letters which I have shared with
no one yet, not even his own mother. One day
I will. The time still does not seem right.
It feels like YumYum is already halfway in
Heaven just playing Here until he finishes being
a guinea pig and gets his Angel Wings.
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  1. Dear Yum Yum you are so precious. Love & light to you, as you make your decision.

  2. Dignity and grace in one small package. Thank you Yummy. Peace and love.

  3. Sweet and beautiful Yum Yum, we send our love and gentle ear rubs, and more love to you and your patient mum xxxxx