Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Peter-Peanut here, I don't blog
often so felt it was time for a
proper introduction.
Ya, this is me, it's me all right!

Doin' what I love best, y'know,
EATING.  The first picture was
what I call "Above Eating"
and this here's what I call
"Floor Stretch Eating" but
I don't mind, either way
it's eating, isn't it?

Now I don't understand all this
talk about falling asleep after
the turkey dinner and what-not,
but I am not asleep at all, just
lounging atop my box, like the 
Pig in the Watchtower, ya might
say...keeping a sharp eye out for
more food INCOMING!
Someone has to do it, mom won't.
She opens the refrigerator and 
well, it takes all FIVE OF US
to scream: "WHEEK! WHEEK!"
like we're being attacked by
Zombies, y'know...(well, mom
IS home, so...) anyway the thing
is Squirrel, I've got a duty to tell
you a thing or two or four about him
but now I'm going to rattle the bars
of my cage since I'm right next to 
mom's bed and she's talking about
taking a nap, which is ridiculous!
Remind me to tell you later, after
she's picked me up and loved me,
fed me, let me Runabout, and given
me my way, remind me to tell you
how Squirrel is resembling a miniature
HYENA day by day, it's got us all
concerned, but mom's not fast enough
with the camera to catch him run -
you'll see what I mean. 
Next time. If I feel like it.
Blogging, that is. What's the point
when I can be eating instead?
Seriously, I really don't get 
this stuff. Well, happy
Thankgiving. We've a 
Tofurkey to pardon.
love ya.
mom has told people about 
how even when I sleep she 
sees my teeth chewing like
I eat in my dreams as much
as I eat in my wake hours...
Seriously: RUBBISH!)

Good luck, Tofurkey, Godspeed.

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  1. I don't just fall asleep after turkey dinner, I fall asleep after EVERY dinner!

  2. I fall asleep forgetting to EAT dinner!

  3. My eyes are open all the time, just like the piggieeeeeeeeezzzz!!!

  4. ~!~**Happy Thanksgiving Chana and Piggies!**~!~

    1. We LURVES our MarifUN! Hope you had a wonderful, wonder-filled Day! :)