Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let There Be Light (and a Happy Doggie!)

According to scientists, we are experiencing one
of the darkest winters in Pacific Northwest history.
It doesn't keep me from walking, it only makes
it more imperative to get out! Today, I found the
remains of an owl's nest the wind had blown
down and inspected the contents for bones, 
feathers, and was too cold to photograph as my hands would have frozen taking 
off warm gloves and tomorrow
we may even have lowland snow!
But we humans aren't the only ones rejoicing
in even a Sliver of the Bright: This Labradoodle is having the time of his life running across grass so wet and soggy that trees are even falling over, but who cares? For him and those of us willing to brave the cold, piercing wind screaming across the Bay into our souls, Life is beautiful, even if only in rare slivers of Light
that pierce the Heart of Darkness.
{By the time my walk was done and my body all warmed up, I was able to
capture the labradoodle: the owl's nest will be featured if the wind doesn't blow
it away before I can get back to it.}

Oooops, nearly forgot: GO SEAHAWKS!
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  1. I don't know what time you took that photo, but it IS dark, except for the sliver of light.

    It has been horrid here, dark, gloomy and today was torrential downpours. Not conducive to being outside.

    1. Ms. A, one Seattle meteorologist showed a photograph of Seattle's famous Space Needle at noon: it looked like you were seeing through charcoal soup! We don't have 50 shades of Grey here, (Although speaking of Grey, Patrick Dempsey, Dr. McDreamy of "Grey's Anatomy" fictionally based on a hospital in Seattle did just buy Tully's Coffee - YEAH!!!) BUT we have 50 shades of the Eskimos have so many different words for snow, we are developing a new language for 50 Shades of DARK! That sliver of light would be considered a "sunny day" at this point: just SHOOT US! (But not until the Seahawks win the Super Bowl...please.) If Texas is like this- seriously- Texas? Then what hope have we? (Well, of course we have Dr. McDreamy and the Seahawks...) but not in Bellingham...just happy labradoodles!

  2. Yup beauitful picture looks like home

    1. Alaisha, WELCOME!!! do you live in Western Washington? So happy to see a fresh new face from home...WELCOME! (If you live in Eastern Washington in the Methow Valley, please do not tell me...from Bellingham it is faster to take a flight to Maui than get to the "sunny side of the mountains.") GO SEAHAWKS! do you have guinea pigs, too? Washingon guinea pigs? Please tell us more about you and your piggies...