Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ani Banani! You don't look a day over MAHVELOUS!

We could not have found an apartment and moved
without Ann! At the same time she herself is preparing to move, interviewing perspective realtors to "stage" her own home for sale, she set up a cozy bed for me and and the piggies made a
little "fort" around it, so that we had a place to stay in Seattle. She made us lattes for breakfast every morning and we watched re-runs of the first season of "Grey's Anatomy" to remind me if I don't like any of the hospitals in Seattle there's always 
"Seattle Grace Hospital" and Dr. McDreamy, who just bought Tully's Coffee Company in Seattle, so we are sure to spend lots of quality time together!
But this is about ANN'S BIRTHDAY:
TODAY! So, Ani-Banani, this blog post
is for YOU! From Sir Dominic your Italian
Greyhound to Princess Camille sunning her precious old self to a grateful Bhindi-boy,
we are so fortunate to call you "friend" and
wish you all the best in your new home (only
blocks from her current home) and keep the
Latte steamer ready, cuz we be coming back
for Season 2 of Dr. McDreamy!

And a new life begins for you, too, Ann!
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  1. Thanks Chana Baanaaana and Ms. A too! Even though you thought that I would want to "keeel you" for this post with the particularly delightful picture of me in it, I actually got a big kick out of it. Thank you for honoring me with being the focus of one of your blog posts. You included some particularly nice pictures of my furry kids, Camille and Dominic, which I always love to see. Thanks for that in particular. It was a good, but very busy and tiring day. I was preparing for the move and for a garage sale that is coming up in 3 days - yikes. The move is in 5 days, double yikes! But I had a great helper today, my good friend (who Chana has met), Mari. I call her "The Garage Sale Queen" because she is the Best in the West when it comes to putting on a sale. Plus, we have a good time working on it together. I couldn't pull it off without her help.

    So it's time to catch some shut-eye so I can turn around and have another wild day tomorrow. Yippeee! Thanks again for the very fun post!

    With love from Queen Ann, as well as Princess Camille, and Sir Dominic, The Supreme Inhabitants of The Queendom of Pooten on 70th Street in Seattle Washington, USA! To all of you followers of Panda Pig's Peace Sanctuary, don't ask about the origin of The Queendom of Pooten. Just know that is a wonderful place in Seattle with great mystical properties!