Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, May 5, 2014


(Please press the PLAY button at bottom left if the red one in the middle doesn't work to hear this stunning song, tonight's Anthem…dedicated to all of you who have made these the best times of our lives! Thank you…listen…read…feel our gratitude)



Why feature this brilliant song by Green Day on our Guinea Pig blog? Because we wish this for you.  Things happen. Life changes. This morning the piggies had such a fun Runabout, almost like old times. 


It took me back to the hospital by ambulance, heart rate dangerously low, spiked a fever, weight plunged to 85 lbs. with literally no muscle mass, caught yet another infection, immune system compromised…the superfood my naturopath gave me is unfortunately also feeding multiple infections which no longer respond to treatment. The doctor at the hospital finally confessed that if we don't get a handle on it...


This is what PandaPigSanctuary Blog means to us, to me.

We don't know if I will get well or Life will grab us by the wrist, direct us where to go…it's unpredictable, which is why I so love this song, it's so true, so real, raw: And beautiful.

We have faith that whatever happens is right and meant to be. 

POI and Sami Cat moved in while I was in hospital to care for the piggies and they're staying on to care for me, too. After a crushingly difficult day at work - and we're many bus rides away now, living up here - the sacrifices POI (my special "Person of Interest" who won't let me use his name yelling out: "I don't want to leave a Cyber Footprint!") the sacrifices he makes day and night for us- God love him! No way anyone who scrolls back a few years will ever guess who this noble soul is, heh-heh! He will remain by our side. As you have.

He and two other caregivers plus the Transitions to Hospice Team are tiding me over, enabling us to stay in our new home. I am determined to remain here as one family and we'll learn as we go.

No, we will not be returning to Bellingham, so will take these photographs and still frames in our mind...from our years there together with you...and we will hang them forever in our hearts in good health and good time…and perhaps return to blog again.

"FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH, IT WAS WORTH ALL THE WHILE…" Please listen to the lyrics, to understand how we feel.

I am too weak to keep up the blog now...


We sure have!

Thank you for sharing yours with us, we love you, every single reader, you have helped the pigs and I have the time of our life. 
This song's for you!


  1. Ingrid and the MeerisMay 6, 2014 at 5:14 AM

    Sending all our best wishes to YOU ....
    God bless you .....
    Take care of you .....
    With love
    Ingrid and the Meeris and Co. in Bavaria

    1. Ingrid! You and your many Meeris have brought us so much joy, dear! And Bavarian chocolate! And Sissel and the theme music from the first Olympics POI and I ever watched together, you sent "our song" without even knowing it - the anthem we played approaching the high country, skis in tow. You shared your piggies/Meeris love and heartbreak with us, your presence hangs on the wall…bright yellows Bows and Ribbons from Bavaria. We haven't given up, Ingrid, not when Spring has come to the Alps, that's the time to put the piggies' widdle hats on and climb…climb we shall. Love you we always will! :) and never say "good-bye" Ingrid. We love you so!

    2. No never say good bye....
      We are thinking of you and our hrarts are with you......
      Always there.
      We love you and we always will.........
      ((((((Chana and yours))))))

  2. After reading this I am going to do something a Cowgirl NEVER Does.....I will "Leave the Gate Open". Your Palouse Horse is Dressed in her Traditional Finery......OWL Feathers, Hawk feathers and Heritage Narragansett Turkey tail feathers ( from my own Flock) She wears Beads from my neighbor (a MASTER Beadwork Lady) also Braided in her mane and tail and her shoulders are draped in a finely beaded and fringed doeskin sarong. We have painted her with symbols of Life...Spirit and Heath. ♥ She stands quietly awaiting your Accent upon her Strong Back....and will stand and wait your queues to go or STAY . She is Trustworthy and Knows " the Way".. ...May I offer you a "Leg Up" and a Buffalo Hide for Warmth Comfort and L.O.V.E. ♥♥♥ ??? The Gate remains Open...................BLESSINGS..................................................Yahoo Rose

    1. After reading what YOU write I am doing something a Cowgirl NEVER does: cry while applying war-paint to her face, tears make the colors run into Rainbows…I'll take that "Leg Up" and we'll ride into the STAY queue, not wasting my warpaint where no one can see it run like my Palouse Horse in her Traditional Finery…we will ride - not to the Rainbow Bridge, but across the tall meadows: her mane and tail flying…we'll gallop in Spirit in our OWL feathers, Hawk feathers, and Heritage Narragansett Turkey tail feathers although you've braided her mane and tail they shall come undone as we ride into the Sun:)

    2. Natapat Bows......You Lead, I'll follow ♥♥♥♥♥

    3. It is the Creator who leads Natapat so let us ride together, for I am still hollering "Ya-HOOOOO!" with every gallop we take, Sister! There are still campfires to build, stories to tell, and laughter to sway across the Palouse…perhaps the Journey is the Destination and we will be given all the time in the world! Warpaint on me as well as Natapat. She shares her beads, they are in my hair, we are together, you, me, and the ENTIRE Black Sheep Nation: "Yah-HOOOOOOO!"

  3. God bless you for the next leg of your journey. Many an owl is waiting to fly with you, Giz, and Papa. My heart is filled with the love of your creative soul, Nevah behave! Love you my soul sister.

    1. Oh Marifun, I NEVAH-EVAH behaved, you would be SO proud of me! Papa lasted three years longer than they wrote his ticket for and with Giz and McGee are many a piggie who came through heah enroute to that Rainbow Bridge but I want to post a photograph of every one of them before we set sail for New Horizons…could be fast, could be slow, one thing's for sure, one thing I know:
      We are the Black Sheep Nation and NEVAH, EVAH BEHAVE! But - oh, right: we do love fiercely!
      And so shall we live! And love you and all of you and Black Sheep nevah say good bye, we just take long naps…not always knowing where we'll awaken to be BAAAAAAAhhhhhhhD! love you, Girl!

  4. The night my Sweetie took his final journey, you called. You called to say hello and good bye. My darling was in and out of consciousness but I placed the phone next to his ear so he could hear. About 5 minutes after I hung up, he opened his eyes and said, "Skater?" I said yes that was Skater. He smiled.

    When you do enter the next leg of your journey, hug him for me. And hugs to you.

    I do not have a profile but you know who I am.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for sharing those moments…I never knew if he heard and we connected or not. Now I do. And it means the world to me. As you both always, always will!

  6. Oh Skatr...You have left the wordy "G" with no words...except that I lurves you although I have never you: you are an inspirational author and an inspiration to me.

  7. Meant Never MET You!! I am such a dunce!!

  8. Skatr, Skatr, Bo Bater, Bannana Owlie Ow Bater, SKATR!! Keep Skatin' my friend!!

  9. (((GMARCH))) you isn't a dunce, i knew EXACTLY what you was tellin' StupiSKATR here, you iz sayin' the best poem EVAH! But i ain't gone YET, LOL! and you ain't wordy, GMarch, you says the perfectest thangs at the perfectest times, i could NEVAH write a poem like yerz! i just got real little so i couldn't skeer ya's anymore, see, you can't EVAH say i skeer ya NOW! (((oooooooh! eeeeeeeeeeh!))) Thanks for makin' me laugh, GMarch, my skates still got the hots for …er…um…YOU KNOW…SO miles to go before i sleep, like Robert Frost says in his poem, miles to skate before i skeet! Who lurves her GMarch? (((1SKATRPIE LOVES HER GMARCH))) and embedded in love is always Hope.

    1. Green Day is perfect Skatr! I LUV this song. Pleez, I was never really 'skeered' of YOU so much as I was of your MOD be honest, I still am afraid of them because they might reveal more of me than I am willing to show to the world. I admire you.
      Robert Frost's Poem 'The Road Not Taken' is one of my ALL time FAVES!!
      Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
      And sorry I could not travel both
      And be one traveler, long I stood
      And looked down one as far as I could
      To where it bent in the undergrowth;

      Then took the other, as just as fair,
      And having perhaps the better claim
      Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
      Though as for that the passing there
      Had worn them really about the same,

      And both that morning equally lay
      In leaves no step had trodden black.
      Oh, I kept the first for another day!
      Yet knowing how way leads on to way
      I doubted if I should ever come back.

      I shall be telling this with a sigh
      Somewhere ages and ages hence:
      Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
      I took the one less traveled by,
      And that has made all the difference.
      Robert Frost

    2. THIS is my all time FAVE!!! Thanks for reminding me. PS I think I would like to meet you! Are you still a Vegan? I am and will continue to be.
      Whose woods these are I think I know.
      His house is in the village though;
      He will not see me stopping here
      To watch his woods fill up with snow.

      My little horse must think it queer
      To stop without a farmhouse near
      Between the woods and frozen lake
      The darkest evening of the year.

      He gives his harness bells a shake
      To ask if there is some mistake.
      The only other sound’s the sweep
      Of easy wind and downy flake.

      The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
      But I have promises to keep,
      And miles to go before I sleep,
      And miles to go before I sleep.

    3. My guinea pigs must think it queer
      To speak of things not hap'ning here
      Today my Bhindi precious Dear
      Goes to the Vet
      His heart she'll hear
      As he has taken ill like me
      We shall not speak of reverie…
      But of a future meeting, we,
      For now we fight invisibly
      Between the woods and frozen lake
      We'll take the road less taken: love
      For YOU and Friends so generous
      Inspire fight and fire n'us -
      Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
      We'll meet you, GMarch, you chose Good!
      Wear my sweater in the Neighborhood,
      We'll eat a vegan pumpkin pie
      And laugh like sisters crafted by
      Some pow'R mightier than I
      Who'll say we live
      No one need cry,
      We just fell fancy to the deep
      And must fight on,
      Too soon to sleep,
      We shall fight on,
      Too soon to sleep.

      GMarch, we find out NOW we're SOUL SISTERS?! HOLY m'Roly!
      To you there'll never be "Good-Bye"
      Just roam a bit, sleep more, and sigh.


    4. What a wonderful poem Skatr.

    5. (((What a Wonderful GMarch)))

  10. Skatr - I never met you IRL but you've shared enough of yourself online that I am very sure of this - you are one of the few people I know who can truly be called A Force of Nature, and fortunately for us MODs, you are a force for good things ;) . In nature of course nothing ever really goes away, it just changes forms... and so it is with your fierce spirit, it will remain with us in another form. Thank you for the fun and life you brought shared with us in the Owl Box. I still hope to meet you IRL someday, but just in case that isn't possible - fly high and fly free! <3 <3 <3

    Black Sheep Nation forever!


    1. I agree w/SactoSylvia:
      In nature of course nothing ever really goes away, it just changes forms...

    2. TO SACTO and GMARCH,
      am humbled, smiling, tears in eyes
      these really WERE
      the Best Years of Our Lives!
      Sacto, you are all over the apartment with
      Last night i sat with my dear
      and asked if i could rest,
      He said nearly the same thing, Sacto, he said
      "NO! You're stronger than you think!" and shook his head.
      So seeing what you've written here answers the Question:
      It is not time to rest! But I dream of meeting you and GMARCH
      and OWL the MODS who made those years
      THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIFE! :))) <3<3<3<tonight is Molly Movie Night
      Please give my love to all! And yourselves a big, warm (((HUG)))
      Will mount YAHOO'S steed, fly high and fly free,
      And always be me. Hee-Hee!

  11. Chana -

    Thinking of you, Sweetie! And of your POI and your piggies. Huggz to you all!


  12. Sacto, and all our love for your mom, that you would think of us now while caring for her is an act of such lovingkindness, we can't say how much you mean to us :) Thank you, our prayers for you and yours (((Sacto)))

  13. Chana,

    I just read your post and am hoping you fought the beast and won!!! Thoughts & prayers flowing your way.

    Take care, Lucy (silent MOD, Troy, Ohio)

  14. Oh Lucy! Have been hoping and waiting for you to surface, knowing you've always been here, missing you, longing to hear from you. i'm fighting even though it feels like the tank's empty and yes, i've won because i'm here able to feel your love and care with no thought of tomorrow. Feels like "winning" means enduring and with people like you in my life i have to, to honor you, all of you who have consistently been here for me, supported us…Bhindi is having surgery today…he got a condition where he couldn't eat either, the Little Buddha, I thought that was amazing…he should be home tomorrow. which means we'll be winning because we'll pick him up and feel him purr and snuggle and be happy to come home so winning…well, i'm told "it took a long time to get this sick, it'll take a long time to get well" but i don't believe a word of it, it takes hearing from you and in a nano-second of lovingkindness there is no beast, only a secret smile in my heart that "silent MOD, Troy, Ohio" cares. That's a WIN! THANK YOU, LUCY. GOD BLESS.

  15. Hello Chana, I don't know if you are her to read this but please know I wish you nothing but Peace, Love & Community as you continue your journey. May the Owls carry you on their wings & may the piggies sing to you. A know a big MOD party in the sky will be happening when you arrive. So skate on bravely as you have always done and know that the legacy you leave is always carried in our hearts. Peace to you

  16. Dear Brave, yes, I am here to read this. And cannot say in words - only tears - how much this, and you, all of you, mean to me. (((MODS))) BRAVE, you really are amazing. Thank you ~