Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, March 12, 2010


When the ARTOrca brings mom her pencils (courtesy of her friend Linda, from San Francisco) it's a surefire clue we have grown restless without our daily creative outlet (READ: eating mom's drawings.) She applies pencil to newsprint, leaves it on the floor (way to go, mom!) and then we feel obliged to take her self-expression a step further by doing unspeakable things to it.

Who's to judge the difference between the art of drawing and the art of instinctive cavy nautiness? Naughtiness is also a fine art that must be carefully cultivated with attention to detail and the ability to stay in the present moment, so that we can run away squealing the minute mom discovers we have put our distinctive "signatures" on her drawings!

By that, we mean...well, our "signature markings" carry a distinctive musky, earthy "fragrance" and our "paint" carries an unmistakably individual odor, color, and texture: There are many ways to create, appreciate, and dissiminate art...we eat it. Then we recycle it as indigenous "paint" upon whatever newsprint remains (READ: haven't eaten.) That's what creative rodents do and we know it's a result of not having nasty, little naked tails like rats: Guinea pigs are free-wheeling, aesthetically discriminating sprites whose creativity begins through taste and visceral chewing, tearing, shredding, eating, digesting, and returning the creation to it's organic roots as poo. Pretty, pretty poo.

Humans like mom just take pens and pencils and move them across a page of paper (B O R I N G...snore) while WE use carrots, bit of kale, lettuce leaves, juicy mandarin oranges, sweet yellow peppers, TEETH, TOENAILS and anything else we can chase hungrily across her paper to create unique organic designs!


If, at the end of our "process," little remains but pee or poo, that's a sure-fire "mark of authenticity" for which one ought be grateful!

Helps if that one has had a really strong, fragrant latte first.(Mom's Go-To Feel-Good Happy-Juice.) And vegan waffles with maple syrup.  That's a prerequisite for appreciating true Cav(y)Art.

Orca is growing restless. Mom's hand should be improving. And we are just itching to get back into "our edible art studio" to welcome spring with flair and pizazz! MMMMmmm"WHEEEEK!"

Am I right? Seriously, am I right? Of course I am!

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