Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dear Readers,

As all of you know, our little artist (note his footprint/signing on blue) is the only member of our herd who had not has his
manhood tinkered with. Because he was a baby, and he is still little: only his head grew to full size, the rest of him...
not so much.

But, tonight during a Runabout with three times more space now than ever before, the little diplomat STILL had the
balls (their days now numbered) to chase down the old, brown Beaver Pig, and antagonize him into a "rumble in the jungle."

You have all seen the size of Bear's mammoth teeth. Let's just say YumYum's fur went flying, and Bear walked away once his work was done. Mom has kept them apart, but let them both Runabout at the same time tonight because she figured if it was
just a real estate issue, there was now plenty enough to go around. Peacefully!


Apparently, it's personal: YumYum has it in for Bear the Beaver Pig. And now that Bear is neutered, he's really not so
interested in quarreling over who the alphaPig is, because he wins out of default: He is the oldest, the largest, and has
the longest teeth. End of it.

Now mom is seriously thinking that YumYum's time as a fertile bachelor is drawing rapidly to a close since he's the
only pig in the herd who still acts like Rambo. If only he could have stuck to sculpting...instead of doing a cavy/porcine
imitation of "The Karate Kid."

Such an artist! ARTIST GONE BAD!

He's no Karate Kid, that one. The Big Event is now inevitable.

On a lighter note, we all enjoyed lots of lap time and a Runabout!

Tired, content, happy.
Good night, one and all. Sleep well.

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