Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Dear Readers,

Have you ever seen a group of elderly men at a coffee shop, just sitting
around the table, talking about things
on their mind?

Back in Iowa, mom said the men would be farmers, in overalls, wearing John Deere hats with the slogan "Runs Like A Deere" (mom even had one) and they would say:

"Humid out."


"Could rain."


"Gonna rain tomorrow, weatherman says."


"Maybe not."

"Humid, though."

"Yeah it is!"

Then each man would sip his coffee, lean back in his chair, and sigh, knowing a long, hot, humid day awaited him in the fields.

Well, mom said we remind her of that. Because "certain pigs" still cannot get along without supervision, yet we all  love herding together, mom has configured our cages so we have a "meeting place" to gather, eat, and conversate amongst ourselves. In truth, we plan Mayhem. It unites us to have a Cause.

"Looks like lettuce today."


"Could be a carrot, or a yellow pepper."

"Nah, had that yesterday. Gonna be apple."

"I don't like apple skin." (NOTE FROM EDITOR: Panda's apples must always be peeled before they are deigned Worthy.)

"Doesn't matter, mom always peels yours anyway."

"I like apple peel."

"Yeah, think we'll get a Runabout today?"


"Maybe not."

"Dunno for sure."

"If we want, we could get one. Yum-Yum, you could start ripping your cage apart in a fit of mania. That always works. Mom worries you've gone Postal and lets us out so you can discharge all that energy..."

"Could do that, Panda. Might. Ya think?"

"Yeah, we think," said Bear the Beaver Pig.

"O.K. Just as soon as she gets home, "Operation Crazy-Pig" takes effect. YumYum, you be the CrazyPig."

"Why do I always have to be the crazy pig?  I don't even get credit for being the Crazy Pig."

"We support your efforts, YumYum, always."


And thus, plans are hatched democratically by the "Herd that Hears."

AND, WHEN WE HEAR Mom, we deploy our mischief with gusto, glee, and feigned innocence.
Like: "Poor mom, having a piggie like Yum-Yum. Now she's gonna have to let us all go Runabout!"

Yup. And she will, too.

We love each other and mom.  And we love scheming together as one herd in our special gathering place!
It Unites Us to have a Common Cause: FOOD, FUN, AND MAYHEM! Then snuggling with mom.

Even when it's humid out.

See Ya! Mom's peeling apples in the kitchen, gotta go!

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  1. Now I know why your mom get so many headaches, you wicked piggies, you! ROFL!