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Panda's First Smile
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Friday, March 26, 2010


YouTube - Watch the new THE KARATE KID Trailer in HD

" Kung Fu," says YumYum's idol, Jackie Chan, in this upcoming release of the new
"Karare Kid" remake.

"Life will knock us down. But, we can choose to get up!" Wisdom from One Who Knows:
Jackie Chan TOTALLY ROCKS! Always has, always will. He's the Real Deal.
Seriously. In real life, not just movies,  Jackie and Kung Fu are One.

WHAT UP? you ask.

YumYum read the blog I wrote this morning on the possible future of his manhood.

"If I was a Shaolin monk! But not this! Not NOW! NOT YUM-YUM!" he proclaimed
(albeit, somewhat squeakily) his voice saturated in a conviction we never knew he had.

Mom took notice.

She used to practice kung fu. She and Edwin once trained with Bruce Lee's first student
in Seattle, Jesse Glover. She listened.

"Yum-Yum, does this movie represent your secret dreams?
Dreams we never knew you had?"

"Everything is Kung Fu!" he squeaked.

"Then learn the lesson, which is when NOT to use violence, and I will reconsider the
neutering," she quietly told him in front of us.

"Learn from Jackie. I'll give you time, Little Grasshopper, I understand. Ok, well, maybe
I don't really understand since no one has ever threatened to neuter me before, but --"


Oh, right, this is about you.

"BUT,  kung fu is a way of life, not a way of fighting! Jackie knows it. Bruce Lee taught it.
YumYum, have you ever watched "Kung Fu" on TV? I met the actor who plays Master Po,"
mom continued. "Back when I was just 17 years old, and maybe a little bit runty,
like you. In real life, Keye Luke (Master Po) appeared poised, lovely, and gentle,
yet one sensed the internal power of one who had spent a lifetime cultivating his Chi.
Cultivate yourself,  Little Grasshopper. Stop acting like a  runt.
Flow like water, and your manhood may remain intact!"

BOY, WAS THIS NEWS TO US! Mom really surprises us sometimes.

Will Jackie's new film turn Baby-Rambo into a Kung Fu expert?
(EDITOR'S NOTE: we took a vote. uh, maybe not.)

Well, we don't know where YumYum came up with all this Kung Fu stuff.
But the movie looks like a whole lot of fun, and we know mom has always
adored Jackie Chan and watched all his early Hong Kong kung fu movies
maybe, like 50 times!

What we did not know was that she has respect for even
YumYum's capacity to learn. To Learn Anything, Much less kung fu!
He knows what opening the refrigerator means.
He knows what "No, YumYum, DON'T! LEAVE BEAR ALONE!" means.
The refrigerator he respects.
Mom's threats...not so much. Until the "neuter" word came up
this morning.  He's selective, that YumYum, about what he appears to understand.

Bear and I will be accepting wagers: keep it clean. organic produce only, please.

Let the fun begin!


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