Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


When PandaPig journeyed up to Mt. Baker for his first photo shoot of the new "GuineaPiggin'Adventure" series (ok, he sent a photographer, but still!) he felt this image
symbolized a paradox in Mysticism: one tiny guinea pig (wearing Panda's borrowed alpaca Peruvian hat to keep warm) poised bravely
upon his ski
teetering on the brink of an unfathomable expanse of pure whiteness...such a deep, vast, expanse of unexplored, unknowable territory. One courageous, anonymous cavy explorer actually venturing to an altitude few guinea pigs
dare dream of
from the lonely confines of their little cages...

Days later, PandaPig himself fell gravely ill, now also teetering on that brink of Mystical Experience
known to us only through mystic poets, masters, saints, and the gift of witnessing Divine Grace Blessing our little one
because God hears even the tiniest, most plaintive prayers when permeated in naked, honest, humble sincerity.

Death transects Life, humbling us in Silent Wonder: even the angels weep in sympathy!

"Guinea Piggin'" was to be a whimsical adventure series for PandaPig's blog, his unique expression
of the unbridled Joy for Living all guinea pigs have, yet precious few actually experience.
PandaPig hoped this could be a catalyst for humans to more deeply appreciate
the wildest devotion of their Dervish Pigs...if  humans could become receptive and respectful enough to translate the extraordinary mystic devotional poetry sung by their intoxicated, dervish
guinea pigs... and respond with ecstatic love of their own, OUR OWN,  ONE humanity permeated with faithful LOVE FOR GOD and commitment to serve all dwelling upon Earth, Sea, Mountains, and Sky!

Was this Panda's way of climbing Heavenward to experience Communion with his Creator in the white, expansive Wilderness of one little guinea pig's personal Mt. Sinai: the moment he could offer, humbled by his smallness
in such A seemingly endless winter mountain landscape, one prayer:
his sincerest gratitude to God for a life blessed with Second Chances?

We are moved to tears by the Awesome generosity of spirit encased within a few pounds of one rodent's weakening body.

Will he recover or does he attempt more diligently than ever, in the time left to him, to teach us Love?
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